As the Summer TV Season Fades, the New Fall Season Begins

The summer TV season is winding down. There were some pretty good shows on. At least enough to get a TVaholic through the long reality and rerun infested TV-scape that is summer. With shows like The 4400, The Inside, The Closer, Wanted, Monk and The Dead Zone we had a fine mix of new and returning shows to keep us glued to the tube. Although some like The Inside disappeared rather quickly. I guess Peter Coyote just couldn’t be on two shows at the same time. He reappeared on The 4400 last week.

The new TV season is about to begin. I can’t believe that the first new show of the season starts tomorrow. Prison Break looks good and I will certainly be watching. I am sure once again though that the good, the bad, and the ugly will once again make an appearance. I still can’t believe some of the shows that make it into the fall lineup. Equally disappointing are the shows that leave us at the end of a TV season. The ones that shouldn’t have, never to reappear except on DVD, like Joan of Arcadia last season.

Nothing bothers me more than when a show leaves you with a big build up and then the network takes it away. Maybe its replacement, Ghost Whisperer, will be good. It is getting some buzz as they say. But, I am equally sure that something else that CBS will put on the air will be unwatchable and cancelled quickly. Leaving one to wonder why they just didn’t keep a show like Joan on the air. This bizarre behavior by network execs will continue again this year.

I am already wondering which show this year am I going to really like, only for it to be pulled from my TV forever. To be put in the TV scrap heap of excellent shows like Joan, John Doe, Firefly and many others that have been prematurely taken from us.

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