Cliffhangers, Recorders and New Shows Oh My!

I never really watched The Dead Zone until this summer. I came to like it. Even if I am behind on the over arching Armageddon plotline. As of last nights season finally Armageddon had been reversed and then re-reversed again at the end. I like shows that tell smaller stories within a larger overall storyline.

That is why I like The 4400. It has the big story of where are they from and what are they really doing here. Within that story they tell individual stories of the returnees and how their lives have been affected. They can make a lot of great shows with this type of structure. Although as of the season finale last night, with 23 of the 4400 dead and others before that, they have to be down to around the low 4300’s by now. But that still leaves plenty of stories to tell.

They left you with plenty of cliffhangers on The 4400 last night. Isabelle is all grown up. The Father of the 4400 technology is shooting up with promicin, the chemical that gives the 4400 their abilities. Richard’s ability has developed. Tom’s son is on his way to turn himself in for the murder of Jordan Collier. The future seeing little girl lets you know that the looming war is not over. And last but surely not least Mr. Collier reappeared in tattered clothes and a long castaway type beard at the same place the 4400 originally showed up. What is a TVaholic to do until The 4400 returns? I am sure that they’ll be something to watch until then.

Speaking of which, Prison Break starts tonight. This is one of the shows of the new season that I have wanted to watch. Hope it is as good as it looks. Never judge a show by its commercial. So, I will be watching tonight and be recording The Closer until it is over in two weeks. If you miss Prison Break tonight you can catch it again on Thursday when it repeats. Next Monday’s episode will be repeated on Tuesday as well. Fox is definitely trying for the early audience with this show. Get them interested before anything else new premiers. As with most things this will only work if the show is actually good.

The other show I watched last night was Wanted. This show has something. Interesting and troubled characters tracking down and dealing with the worst criminals society has to offer. It is on at the same time as The Dead Zone but USA repeats The Dead Zone at 1:00 a.m. here on the west coast. I think more shows should be repeated at different times. Cable Networks do this to fill up their schedules and build audience for their shows. I say, anything that helps a TVaholic be able to watch more quality television is a good thing.

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