New Fall TV Season Starting to Pickup Steam

Tonight the viewing is still pretty slim. At least for the new fall season anyway. The only new shows will be on Fox as nothing else premieres until the 25th.

Fox continues the early fall season opening with the return of The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad and the debut of The War at Home. The War at Home is the only non-cartoon show. It stars Michael Rapaport as a hapless father of three teenage kids. I liked Rapaport on Boston Public and even remember him as the cop who dated Phoebe on Friends. He is just trying to get by without losing it. Sounds like he will fit in with all the other Sunday night cartoon fathers just fine. The show has two episodes to get me interested. Even if it does it will be fodder for recording as Cold Case returns for another season on the 25th.

Not much tomorrow night either, with only a new episode of Prison Break. So far the plan is going done hill. Well they do have to stretch it somewhat. They can’t just get out easily, what would be the fun in watching that?

Tuesday starts to show a little more promise for a TVaholic. With the pilots of two new shows Supernatural on the WB and Bones on Fox. Also returning that night is Gilmore Girls on the WB and House on Fox. House was one of my favorite new shows last year. Dr. House is a fascinating character to watch. He likes to pick and prod at situations and see what kind of reaction he can get. Also, the problems and puzzles they present are captivating.

Wednesday’s only new show is Head Cases starring Chris O’Donnell and Adam Goldberg. While Adam Goldberg ranks as one of my all-time favorite Friends guest stars, the little I have seen of this show doesn’t look that promising. Once again Fox with its early premieres will get at least one viewing of the show by me before the competition arrives in the next couple of weeks.

Thursday brings us The OC and the second episode of Reunion (see Review) and a repeat of the pilot of Supernatural from Tuesday. A repeat of the season finale of CSI is also on tap tonight after the season premiere of Survivor: Guatemala.

Friday brings the back the sitcoms What I Like About You, Reba and Living with Fran and the debut of Twins. The new CBS show Threshold starts with a two-hour episode tonight. I have not seen much about this show. It seems to be one of many new sci-fi shows debuting this fall, this ones dealing with aliens landing in the ocean.

Saturday nothing new to report, it is still the land of movies of the week and other forgettable fare. This is what Saturday night TV has become, movies with commercial interruptions, CSI repeats, Cops and Americas Most Wanted. Although look for the season premiere of Mad TV for a little something new.

The fall season is starting to pickup a little steam this week. Then it really gets going the week of the 18th and is in full swing as of the week of the 25th.

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