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Prime Picks:

Bones: This is the series premiere of this show. This Pilot episode starts with the finding of some skeletal remains at the bottom of a lake which turns out to be from a former congressman’s aide. It looks fun and a review will be along shortly.

House: Tonight’s season premiere is titled Acceptance. A death row inmate mysteriously collapses and House wants the case. This is one of my favorite new shows from last season. It looks like tonight’s episode gives us more of what we like so much about this show and the Dr. House character.

Solid Selections:

Gilmore Girls: Tonight is the season premiere of this show. New and Improved Lorelai starts us off where we left off last season with Lorelai proposing to Luke. Word soon starts to spread about town that Lorelai not Luke is the one who proposed and he becomes embarrassed and Rory after dropping out of college in now in the care of Emily and Richard.

Supernatural: This is the Pilot for this new WB show. Two brothers, Dean and Sam, try to follow clues from a phone message left by their father before he goes missing. This leads them to a small town and they come upon an aggressive spirit known as the Woman in White. I am not sure about this show but it is new so I will give it a shot. A review will be along in the near future.

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