Review: Bones

Show: Bones
Episode: Series Premiere
Originally Aired: Tuesday, September 13th 2005
Rating: 3 out of 4 stars

Quick Synopsis: An FBI agent and a Forensic Anthropologist solve crimes.

Long Synopsis: A former military sniper now FBI agent trying to atone for his past by solving murders. A Forensic Anthropologist who spends to much time in the lab but can take care of herself, whose parents disappeared when she was 15 and thinks that if someone like her was around maybe when it happened she might know what happened to them. They team together to solve murders and crimes that can’t be solved by normal means.

Review: I like this show. It has a fun quality about it and the forensic toys are cool. It falls inline with other procedural cop type shows, but is different enough to make it worth watching. It is a CSI meets Cold Case meets Moonlighting in my opinion. It has the forensic coolness of CSI, the need to find answers to crimes that have happened long ago or have little to go on like Cold Case and the potential for back and forth dialogue like Moonlighting. Not to mention that you can put Emily Deschanel’s character in the disheveled beauty category with Kathryn Morris’s Lily Rush from Cold Case. These women need to get some sleep and get out of the office more.

The two leads have great chemistry on screen. With some decent writing this leads to some witty banter and arguing between them. They do as mentioned in the show have a Scully and Mulder aspect to there characters. A reference she doesn’t understand. The phrase ‘I don’t know what you mean’ is uttered a few times over the course of the first episode, showing that she needs to get out of the lab more. She is a scientist with no ‘real’ people skills and he is an FBI agent trying to solve the difficult cases. Together they make a splendid team as they can learn from one another and grow while getting the bad guy.

This show has a lot of the elements I find make a good show. Good characters, good dialogue and good stories. The first episode hit on the first two but the story was just ok. It worked well enough to introduce the characters but could have been better. If future stories are, this show could unseat NCIS as the show I watch in the first hour of primetime on Tuesdays.

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