Saturday Night on TV, Not Much!

by Jason the TVaholic on September 17, 2005

in Tonight on the Tube

Good thing I have last nights Threshold series premiere recorded for viewing today cause there is not much on TV tonight.

Prime Picks

MADtv: The eleventh season of this sketch-comedy show kicks off tonight, on Fox. Spoofs of the Fox drama House and summer movies Wedding Crashers and March of the Penguins are said to be on tap.

Other Options

Cops and America’s Most Wanted on Fox.

Not much else I can recommend unless you like your movies with commercials, ABC is airing Armageddon tonight. Or for the Cable viewers out there the Hallmark Channel is showing a new made for TV movie Jules Verne’s Mysterious Island starring Kyle MacLachlan and Patrick Stewart. Or if crappy sci-fi is your thing you could check out Dracula 3000: Infinite Darkness on the Sci-Fi channel. Like I said there is not much on.

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