What about the Fall TV season gets you excited?

The 2005 Fall TV season really starts to get going this week. This is a great time of year for TV fans. I was reading tv filter over on MSN a couple days ago and they posed the question:

What are you all most looking forward to?

In regards to the new Fall TV Season, so here it is. What a TVaholic is looking forward to in the upcoming TV season. I’ll go day by day, starting with:

I am looking forward to the return of the Cold Case, Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy. Three of TV’s best all in a row on one night, what more could a TVaholic ask for? I want to see if Desperate Housewives can follow through with a good sophomore season. With all the hype from last season, it will be hard. Too a lesser extent I wonder the same about Grey’s Anatomy.

Well this is more of a, what was I looking forward to answer. I was looking forward to Prison Break (see Review) but it is already on and I am hooked. At least enough to keep me watching until 24 is back in January. I also want to find out how Las Vegas deals with the implosion of the Montecito.

Again the show I was looking forward to on this night has already started. House got off to a great start last week. The Dr. House character is one of the finest on TV. This is, to borrow a phrase, must see TV.

On this night I want to see what The Apprentice: Martha Stewart is going to be like and am looking forward to the return of Veronica Mars. This is another show I hope doesn’t suffer from a sophomore slump. Can they create a mystery as compelling as the first season. Probably not but if they come at all close this is a show worth watching. The Veronica character is just a fun one to watch.

I am not looking forward to Thursday’s. Too much good stuff, in the first hour of primetime alone we have Alias, Joey and the final season of Will & Grace, Survivor, The OC, Smallville and the new comedy Everybody Hates Chris. This puts four shows that I watched last season up against each other. And one new show that I would like to at least watch once to see if it is as good as everyone says. I would be much happier if Smallville and Alias had stayed where they were and Chris would’ve ended up on Fox maybe on Sunday instead of The War at Home (see Review). What is a TVaholic to do? I am however looking forward to Everwood, CSI and Without a Trace. I was looking forward to Reunion (see Review) but was disappointed by the first episode.

The only show on this night I am looking forward to is Numb3rs. It is a procedural cop drama but with a different way of finding the bad guy, namely math. Take something old and give it a new spin and you can come up with something interesting, at least in this case they did. Also, I am kind of looking forward to Ghost Whisperer. For no other reason than it replaces on the schedule one of my favorite shows from the last couple seasons Joan of Arcadia.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Maybe I can watch some of the stuff I will be recording on Thursday.

Well that is what I am looking forward to this season. What are you looking forward to?

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