Tonight on the Tube: Kitchens, Prisons and Las Vegas, CSI

Tonight kicks off the official start of the 2005 Fall TV Season. There is new stuff everywhere you flip. So what looks good? Read on and find out. Each section gives you a pick for each of the three hours of Prime Time, if there is something worth giving a look.

Prime Picks

Arrested Development: Everybody seems to agree that this is the best show that no one is watching. That has included me, except for a couple of episodes over the summer. So, like guys who won best writing for a comedy last night on the Emmy’s suggested, I will be watching tonight’s season premiere.
Kitchen Confidential: This show seems to be ranking at or near the top for new sitcoms this year. We will see with tonight’s series premiere.

Prison Break: In tonight’s episode the secret service bad guys call on Warden Pope and Michael finds out he might be getting out of Fox River sooner than he wants.

CSI: Miami: Tonight’s season premiere of this show is back with a bang. They sure love shoot up or blow up stuff on this CSI offshoot. Horatio becomes a marked man as he starts to close down an illegal smuggling operation lead by one of the nastiest gangs in Miami.

Solid Selections

The King of Queens: This venerable comedy kickoff tonight with it’s season premiere. Doug tries to convince Carrie to take some pole dancing lessons and when he does he is dissatisfied when she demonstrates her moves for him.
How I Met Your Mother: This is another show like Kitchen Confidential that is making peoples best lists. This show tells it stories in an interesting flashback type way. With tonight’s series premiere we shall see if it is as good as they say.

Las Vegas: I have been waiting for tonight’s season premiere because I want to see how they deal with the leveling of the Montecito. Well tonight Ed is trying to reopen the Montecito for his new boss and is attempting to entice back the former staff. Sounds like it must be a decent bit in the future from where it ended last season.

Medium: This is another show that I have not watched. Maybe tonight’s season premiere might be worth checking out after all Patricia Arquette did win best actress in a drama last night at the Emmy’s. You can tune in and see if they were right or not. It is the conclusion of last season’s finale.

Other Options

Surface: Tonight is the series premiere of this creepy what is under the sea show. There are a lot of these shows popping up this season, others being Threshold (see Review) and Invasion.

Just Legal: Tonight is the series premiere of this odd couple type lawyer pairing show. A brilliant, Doogie Howser like legal prodigy must take a job with a washed-up and grumpy attorney played by Don Johnson. Hopefully this is better than Head Cases (see Review). At least neither of these two is certifiable.

No good third hour Other Options tonight. You can always watch you early edition nightly local news.

Cable Choices

No good first hour Cable Choices tonight.

No good second hour Cable Choices tonight.

Wanted: Watch tonight’s replay of the season finale of this Sunday Night TNT summer cop show.


Tonight also is the season premiere of Two and a Half Men and the series premiere of Out of Practice in the second hour on CBS.

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