Review: Out of Practice

Show: Out of Practice
Episode: Series Premiere
Originally Aired: Monday, September 19th 2005
Rating: 1½ out of 4 stars

Quick Synopsis: A relationship therapist deals with his patients and his family of all doctors.

Long Synopsis: A man whose marriage is falling apart and whose parents are divorced is a relationship therapist. He is not a doctor but everyone else in his family is. His mother is a surgeon, his father a gastro something or other, his brother is a plastic surgeon and his sister is an ER doc. He feels that he is the Rodney Dangerfield of his family; he gets no respect for what he does. None of his family really gets along especially his parents.

Review: Believe it or not of the three new comedies that debuted on Monday night, I laughed the most at this one. Yet it is not the best of the bunch. While it provided more laughs, this show looks like a one trick pony. Which doesn’t bode well for its future. It is built on a weak foundation, which I think after a few episodes will no longer be that funny.

The one positive of this show could be at the office. While the main character here is no Bob Newhart, the possibility for humor in wacky relationships that he tries to help could be funny. The problem is that this doesn’t seem to be where the show is going to have its focus. It looks like it is going to revolve around his family of doctors and how they relate to each other. This is the one trick that while funny in the first episode, once you’ve seen it a few times will no longer be that impressive and leaves the pony with nothing else that we want to see.

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