Tonight on the Tube: Cold Case, Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy

Sunday nights are a good night for television viewing with plenty of TV shows to watch and even more to record. What will you be watching?

Prime Picks

Cold Case (CBS): A large and reclusive student died in a fraternity house fire and Lilly comes across a photo of her being restrained and made to drink.

Desperate Housewives (ABC): So who is in the new people’s basement? We have a new mystery to unlock on Wysteria Lane. Tonight Susan is finds out that Edie’s new boyfriend is her ex and Lynette goes back to work. This leaves Tom to deal with the kids. Meanwhile Bree endures her mother-in-law’s over-the-top grieving process. Also the show runs over the hour by a minute.

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC): Tonight’s show starts a minute into the third hour of primetime. I hate when networks do this. Anyway on tonight’s episode a family arrives in the ER after a bad car accident and Alex finds that their injuries from the accident are just the start of their problems.

Solid Selections

The West Wing (NBC): Tonight the campaign changes to focus on national security as the Grand Jury assembles to look into the military-shuttle leak.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent (NBC): Bobby’s nemesis got away once again, I am sure she will turn up. Tonight we get to see Detective Logan get his first case in his new squad where he investigates a chain of deadly jewelry store robberies.

Crossing Jordan (NBC): Well Macy is back, like he was really not going to be heading up the Medical Examiners office besides Henry Winkler is Out of Practice. Tonight starts off a crossover episode with Las Vegas that concludes tomorrow night in the second hour of primetime.

Other Options

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC): Farmhouse is redone for a family of eight.

Blue Collar TV (WB): Tonight we get a look at a NASCAR baby delivery and Deana Carter performs.
American Dad (Fox): Jack Smith gets Stan to leave the CIA and come work for an even more secret group of spies, but Francine thinks he is getting conned.

No good third hour Other Options.

Cable Choices

Emeril Live (Food Network): Tonight Emeril show off some nifty kitchen gadgets.

Iron Chef America (Food Network): Tonight is Iron Chef Morimoto versus Chef Michael Symon.

Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO): Tonight Larry hires a private investigator and adopts a dog. What could possibly go wrong? I usually catch this via onDemand the next day.
Extras (HBO): This new show is from the mind of Ricky Gervais the original head of The Office. It premiered last week.

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