Tonight on the Tube: Alias Investigation Without a Trace

The TV shows worth looking in on tonight. What TV shows do you watch on Thursday’s? There are so many good TV show to choose from.

Prime Picks

Alias (ABC): I still can’t believe that they killed off Vaughn, if they really killed him off. They did set up a nice new mystery to be solved, the trying to find out what Vaughn had been doing and searching for and who the people are that killed him, if he is really dead.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS): Tonight a woman dies on a flight of stairs and the team finds enough evidence to show that it was not an accident.

Without a Trace (CBS): I missed the end of last weeks episode do to a power outage, that sucked. Tonight they look into the disappearance of an ostracized high-school student who is fanatical about security.

Solid Selections

Smallville (WB): The season premiere last week was great. It sets up what looks to be a spectacular season. Tonight Clark his feeling pretty good about his new mortality until Lana and his parents are held by some bad guys and he has to figure out away to save them.

Everwood (WB): Ephram is back but has no plans of moving back in with his father and sister so Bright asks Ephram to move in with him. Meanwhile Hannah worries about her new relationship with Bright and Andy’s repeated disappearances from the office get Harold all suspicious.

ER (NBC): Tonight’s episode starts a minute early into the previous hour. Kristen Johnson joins the cast as the new super strict nurse manager. I am sure everything works out just fine.

Other Options

Joey (NBC): Joey starts to take advantage of some of his new perks. Tonight he tries to use his stuntman as a distraction to divert the attention guys with hot girlfriends so he can romance the ladies.
Will & Grace (NBC): Tonight Will thinks that Karen is upset about hearing that Stan is still alive but that she is just putting on a happy exterior so he decides that helping her heal emotionally will be his mission.

The Apprentice (NBC): Tonight the teams must design an exposition to help seniors learn about technology.

Primetime (ABC): Tonight see the story of a woman as she recalls what happened on the night her two roommates got stabbed to death. Also get into the mind of shoplifters as former shoplifters tell why they feel the need to do it.

Cable Choices

Mail Call: Hurricane Katrina (History Channel): Check out how the Air Force Pararescue Team operates, see some door-to-door searches being done by the Marines and go on patrol with the 82nd Airborne in the French Quarter.

Divine Design (HGTV): See what takes shape, do you think it was divine?
Designers’ Challenge (HGTV): If you like to see how things can change tune in here tonight.

Travel Spies (Travel Channel): Get a look at three South Beach hotels.


As of right now St. Louis is beating San Diego in the 6th on ESPN2. Houston and Atlanta play tonight on Fox. The OC and Reunion will return after the baseball playoffs.

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