Tonight on the Tube: Repeats a Plenty

Saturday Night on Television is catch up night. If you’ve missed an episode of an ABC hit TV show then you can catch it tonight. Want to find out if Earl is as funny as NBC’s commercial make it out to be? Then tonight is your night. What TV shows will you be watching?

Prime Picks

Lost (ABC): Replay of Tuesday’s episode where we find Jack, Locke and Kate learning more about the hatch and Michael, Sawyer and Jin wondering if their captors are also survivors of the plane crash or the others.

Invasion (ABC): Repeat of Wednesday’s episode where a mysterious force knocks Jesse unconscious and it is left up to Russell to save his son

Desperate Housewives (ABC): Repeat of last Sunday’s episode where Susan is surprised to find that her ex is Edie’s new boyfriend and Lynette heads off to work again which leaves Tom to keep the house in order.

Solid Selections

Close to Home (CBS): Repeat of the series premiere of this show from Tuesday night. A woman sets her house on fire while she and her kids are locked inside, but there are no witness’s to back up the woman’s story that her husband was holding them and this was her only idea for escape.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS): In this repeat Grissom and the team goes looking for who killed a young boy after his remains are found.

48 Hours Mystery (CBS): Find out the strange truth behind the murder of a wife and mother that was found after an office party.

Other Options

Most Outrageous TV Moments (NBC): Watch a repeat of this show about actors messing up their lines, animals that go berserk, and funny bits of silly children.
My Name is Earl (NBC): Repeat of the pilot episode of this show where Earl has an epiphany which prompts the low level crook to start righting all the wrongs that he has done in his life. He begins with a kid he teased in school.

My Name is Earl (NBC): In this second episode replay we find Earl trying to quit smoking as a way to balance the karmic scales, but it is harder than he thought.
My Name is Earl (NBC): In the third installment of this mini repeat-a-thon Earl want to make up for the time he got his brother to throw a high-school football game where Randy could of scored a touchdown. Do you find this show to be funny?

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC): Repeat episode where the detectives find out that a teenage girl that was murdered was also a prostitute which had contracted HIV during her time working on a porno film, helping them to find who killed her.

Cable Choices

Emeril Live (Food Network): In this repeat watch Emeril and Paula Deen do some down home cooking.

Paula Goes to Hollywood (Food Network): Paula Deen shows off clips of Elizabethtown of which she plays the Aunt of the Orlando Bloom character.

All Star Kitchen Makeover: Paula (Food Network): In this repeat episode Paula Deen helps remodel the kitchen for a farmhouse that is 100 years old.


It is National League Baseball Playoffs tonight. Atlanta faces Houston in this tied series on Fox. Later on ESPN San Diego tries to stave off elimination against St. Louis.

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