Tonight on the Tube: Cases, Housewives and Anatomy

There is a lot of good TV shows on Sunday nights. What on TV tonight will you be watching? Get the TVaholic picks for each hour of primetime below.

Prime Picks

Cold Case (CBS): Tonight when the mother of a boy who was murdered comes across a letter that shows that his death might not of been random, Lilly and Jeffries reopen the case.

Desperate Housewives (ABC): Tonight we find Bree’s mother-in-law getting her in trouble with the police. Meanwhile Susan puts up a brave front regarding Edie’s new role in Julie’s life and Lynette’s boss keeps her from being at Parker’s first day at kindergarten.

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC): There have been some recent articles about how the medical part of this show is inaccurate. If you are watching this show or any medical show or any TV show in general for accuracy then you might as well read a book or something. Grey’s Anatomy is not about the medicine it is about this group of people who happen to be doctors at a fictitious hospital in Seattle. It is about the dialogue, character interactions and soap opera twisting story telling. On tonight’s episode the secret of Grey’s mother becomes public when she is brought in for surgery. Also so bad news about Cristina’s health come to the forefront.

Solid Selections

The West Wing (NBC): Tonight the Vinick campaign attempts to turn the tables on the Santos campaign by talking about immigration issues, which Santos has tried to avoid.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent (NBC): Last week was Det. Logan’s big return. Tonight Goren and Eames are back on the case as a prison warden says he was beaten and then compelled to pay a ransom for his wife, but they find that she was not kidnapped at all and is living with a prisoner escapee.

Crossing Jordan (NBC): Jordan is trapped with two children as water fills in. Can she keep the kids safe long enough to be rescued?

Other Options

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC): The team surprises on a master carpenter who is undergoing chemotherapy and has been planning a surprise of his own, a redo of his neighbors’ kitchen.

Blue Collar TV (WB): Tonight they parody soap operas and Travis Tritt performs.
Blue Collar TV (WB): On this repeat episode they parody fame with sketches spoofing American Idol and Martha Stewart.

There aren’t any good third hour other options tonight. You can always watch your early edition of the nightly news or see the third hour Cable Choice below for a little levity.

Cable Choices

Emeril Live (Food Network): Emeril kicks some duck recipes up a notch.

Iron Chef America (Food Network): A repeat showing of this food battle between Iron Chef Bobby Flay and challenger Chef Ming Tsai.

Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO): Tonight Larry decides to buy his housekeeper a bra so let the misunderstandings and fun begin.
Extras (HBO): Tonight Andy becomes friends with actor Ross Kemp and then causes problems for him.


Right now on ESPN Houston and Atlanta are tied in the 15th inning. Later tonight the Angels and Yankees play on Fox.

Should the baseball game actually end tonight on ESPN Sunday Night Football is Cincinnati against Jacksonville.

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