Tonight on the Tube: Comedies and Miami

No Arrested Development or Prison Break tonight because of Baseball. That is what the TVaholic would have been watching tonight. Instead tonight looks like comedy, comedy and more comedy followed by comedy and then a little CSI drama to close out the night. What will you be watching tonight? Check out the ideas below for what is worth watching tonight on TV.

Prime Picks

The King of Queens (CBS): The best comedy in this time period is not on tonight so usually funny King will have to suffice for tonight’s comedy watching.
How I Met Your Mother (CBS): This is the best comedy in this time period as it is actually funny while Kitchen Confidential is not.

Two and a Half Men (CBS): This has to be one of the top 5 consistently funny sitcoms on network TV right now.
Out of Practice (CBS): Not sure how long this one will last but the couple of episodes I have seen so far were somewhat funny as opposed to a lot of new comedies debuting so far this season.

CSI: Miami (CBS): This show is becoming more and more style and flash but what style and flash it has. I wish I had HDTV as they say this is one of the best shows to watch in High-Definition.

Solid Selections

Surface (NBC): The first episode of this show was not my favorite but after seeing a few weeks of the show now, this may actually be the best of the new alien invasion shows that popped up on the tube this season.

Las Vegas (NBC): Pure escapist fun.

Medium (NBC): While I have liked the episodes of this that I have seen it just hasn’t become a regular on my weekly viewing schedule.

Other Options

7th Heaven (WB): This long running family drama gets the nod tonight because of baseball.

Related (WB): Replay of the series premiere of this fun and fast paced show that normally follows One Tree Hill on Wednesday nights.

No good Other Options tonight, might I suggest catching your local early nightly newscast.

Cable Choices

Emeril Live (Food Network): Emeril scrounges around the hen house for some kicked up recipes.

Monster Garage (Discovery Channel): A 1951 convertible Volkswagen becomes a dragster.

Anthony Bourdain (Travel Channel): Since the fake Jack Bourdain is not on tonight on Fox why don’t you follow the real Tony Bourdain around Sicily as he samples the food there.


Yankees versus Angels tonight on Fox in a deciding Game 5. Also tonight the Chargers face off against the Steelers on Monday Night Football.

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