Tonight on the Tube: NCIS, Commander in Chief and Boston Legal

What TV shows will you be watching this fine Tuesday night? Find the picks for your best shot at TV enjoyment tonight.

Prime Picks

NCIS (CBS): Tonight the team investigates a petty officer with a double life that has been shot on the highway.

Commander in Chief (ABC): Have you heard the rumors that this show will get a male president for sweeps now that Steven Bochco has taken over running this show. I can’t believe that this is true at all. Who would watch if that happened? I can’t imagine many would, as the twist of a female President and how she and her family deal with it is what this show is really about.

Boston Legal (ABC): This show has some of the best writing on TV. Denny and Alan in the Canadian woods fishing was a hoot. Denny telling a guy that he came out to enjoy nature and to stop talking to him about the environment was hilarious.

Solid Selections

Gilmore Girls (WB): Tonight misunderstandings abound as Richard attempts to find out some information from Logan on Rory’s plans for the future and Logan believes that Richard is inquiring about when they might be getting married.

My Name is Earl (NBC): Still don’t get what it is that people think is so funny about this show. It only gets the nod here because tonight’s second best selection in the second hour of primetime is The Office, which comes on next.
The Office (NBC): It is Halloween at the office and Michael has to fire someone.

Close to Home (CBS): A case of some desperate housewives involved in prostitution.

Other Options

According to Jim (ABC): Things go wrong when Jim tries to outdo his wife’s story with a whopper of a tale about his office building burning down.
Rodney (ABC): Find out who’s the man tonight.

Supernatural (WB): The hunt for a shape-shifter is on. But watch out as it can become anyone even your brother.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC): Tonight the Detectives believe an activist who is attempting to try and stop AIDS from spreading has killed a homosexual couple which had a new deadlier form of HIV.

Cable Choices

Celebrity Poker Showdown (Bravo): The men of Desperate Housewives play a little poker for their favorite charities.

Las Vegas (TNT): A repeat of last weeks episode of this show where Big Ed ends up walking his wife’s dog around at a dog show being held at the hotel.


Due to no Baseball tonight on Fox you may find a repeat of Bones in the first hour of primetime followed by a repeat of House. The Astros and Cardinals continue their series tomorrow night.

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