Tonight on the Tube: Surface, Prison Break and CSI: Miami

Get some ideas as to what to watch on television tonight. What TV shows will you be watching? Are you glad that Prison Break is back on? Are you glad that baseball is almost over and all of your favorite Fox TV shows will be back on soon?

Prime Picks

Surface (NBC): This is turning into one of my favorite shows. Tonight we see Cirko figure out where the creatures have come from after studying sea orchids and when Laura gets back to her place, she finds government agents have searched her house.

Prison Break (Fox): The Break is back on. Tonight Michael finds that an old shed that had been used for storages is now a break room for the guards. Since it is an important part of his escape plan he is not sure what to do next.

CSI: Miami (CBS): It looks bad for Horatio tonight after a woman he has been seeing is found dead and Horatio was the last one to see her alive. Well except for the real killer of course.

Solid Selections

The King of Queens (CBS): The adverts for tonight’s show make a huge promise of being the funniest episode ever. We shall see.
How I Met Your Mother (CBS): Tonight we follow Ted as he makes his way to the yearly Halloween party on the rooftop as he searches for a girl he had met years earlier. Will we get to hear Barney say something about Halloween suiting up?

Las Vegas (NBC): Danny finally finds the woman in the photos with his dad and offers to pay for her medical expenses against Mike and Mary’s warnings.

Medium (NBC): Tonight Allison has a dream involving her coworkers and their death at the office.

Other Options

Prison Break (Fox): Get caught up with a repeat of the last episode shown before being interrupted by baseball for a few weeks.

Two and a Half Men (CBS): It is Halloween high jinx tonight as a woman Charlie is dating decides to put a curse on him.
Out of Practice (CBS): Ben confronts his mother over her fear of dating since her divorce.

No good Other Options tonight. Watch the early late news and then get some sleep if nothing above looks good to you and you just got to watch something in the third hour of primetime.

Cable Choices

Emeril Live (Food Network): Tonight Emeril gets saucy.

Unwrapped (Food Network): Get the inside scoop on some of your favorite cheap eats.
Unwrapped (Food Network): In this repeat get behind the counter of some of your favorite restaurant chains.

Anthony Bourdain (Travel Channel): Anthony tours and tastes the cuisine of Uzbekistan.


No Baseball tonight, The World Series is back tomorrow night on Fox with the White Sox leading the series 2 games to none. Maybe the Astros will have better luck back in Houston.

Monday Night Football tonight is the Jets at Falcons on ABC.

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