TVaholic Ranks the 2005 Fall Season’s Returning Sitcoms

There were 10 new sitcoms that debuted this season. What about the old ones, the returning favorites or in some cases the: what is that still doing on the air shows? There are 32 of these in total, if you count Jake in Progress and Scrubs, which are waiting in the wings to get a little TV screen time.

  1. Arrested Development
  2. Scrubs
  3. The Office
  4. Two and a Half Men
  5. Joey
  6. Jake In Progress
  7. The Simpsons
  8. Will & Grace
  9. King of Queens
  10. Reba
  11. George Lopez
  12. That ’70s Show
  13. Stacked
  14. Yes, Dear
  15. Blue Collar TV
  16. What I Like About You
  17. Living With Fran
  18. Still Standing
  19. Family Guy
  20. According To Jim
  21. The Bernie Mac Show
  22. Rodney
  23. King of the Hill
  24. American Dad
  25. Malcolm in the Middle
  26. Hope & Faith
  27. Eve
  28. One On One
  29. All Of Us
  30. Girlfriends
  31. Half & Half
  32. Cuts

TVaholic Ranking Methodology

I started by putting the list into two groups, shows I watch each week and shows I don’t. I took the second group of shows and split them into shows I watch on occasion and ones I pretty much never watch. Then I put each of these groups into best to worst order.

This was not a fair ranking though as some shows are pretty good but they do not get watched do to the competition on a given night. So I merged the lists based on the quality of the shows. Then I started at the top and played: would I watch Arrested Development over Scrubs and so on down the list. If the answer was no, then I would switch the shows on the list. Each time at least one switch happened, I would repeat this process from the top until no switches took place. This incidentally is how Joey ended up at #5 and Family Guy ended up at #19. It took four passes before nothing moved. Thus giving you the TVaholic ranking of the returning half hour comedy shows for the 2005 TV season.

This list does not contain just your standard sitcoms. It includes all half hour comedy shows, whether sketch comedy, animated or whatever presently on the air or the January back burner, which aired at some point last season.

A final note about the last five on the list, I don’t think the TVaholic has ever watched a complete episode of any of them. If he did he sure doesn’t remember anything about them, thus landing them in no particular order at the bottom of this list.

How would you rank the returning comedy shows? Where have I gone wrong? Let me know what you think but please be gentle.

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