Tonight on the Tube: The West Wing Live, Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy

No Crossing Jordan tonight but everything else is new tonight. Get yourself a snack and a nice beverage and enjoy tonight’s bevy of TV entertainment. What will you be watching tonight?

Prime Picks

The West Wing (NBC): The shows Presidential candidates Rep. Matt Santos and Sen. Arnold Vinick debate tonight during a live broadcast of the show. Well at least it will have been taped from a live broadcast for us here on the west coast.

Desperate Housewives (ABC): Tonight Gabrielle tries to get Carlos out of jail; Mike and Susan have to face a relationship crisis and Paul Young returns. The show runs a minute into the next hour. Last week was a repeat of the season premiere. The show where we first see the hand of the person locked in the basement. I watched the end of the episode to see if I had remembered correctly and I had. The hand was most definitely white and the person that we have seen in the basement is not. What is going on there? Is there someone else down there? Am I seeing things or what? Let me know.

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC): Tonight a guy seems to be pregnant. Starts a minute into the third hour of primetime.

Solid Selections

Cold Case (CBS): Tonight after a mother loses a fourth son to gang brutality, Lilly steps in to try an end the cycle of violence and to save this woman’s last child by getting the leader of the gang.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent (NBC): Can you say ripped from the headlines? Tonight the media goes crazy over the story of a Iowa teen who goes missing while on a school trip and the number one suspect happens to be a son of a influential judge. Tonight you get two hours of great TV detecting with both Detectives Goren and Logan on the case.

Other Options

The Simpsons (Fox): Tonight is the annual Tree House of Horror episode.
The War at Home (Fox): If you watched The Simpsons you might as well watch this until the first hour of primetime is over.

Category 7: The End of the World (CBS): I am sure it is not or how will they make Category 8 for next year; they made Category 6 last year. If you like bad TV movies then this is probably the place to be tonight for two hours of national monuments and landmarks biting the dust.

Cable Choices

Emeril Live (Food Network): Emeril goes hip-hop tonight.

Iron Chef America (Food Network): Chef Morimoto faces off against Chef Tom Douglas.

Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO): Something about a smoking jacket switch and some wishes coming true.
Extras (HBO): Andy gets the opportunity to pitch a sitcom idea to Patrick Stewart.


Tonight is Eagles at Redskins on Sunday Night Football on ESPN.

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