Tonight on the Tube: The King, Your Mother, Prison and Miami

I want my Arrested Development but alas it looks to be no more.

Prime Picks

The King of Queens (CBS): I like this show but I would rather be recommending Arrested Development in this timeslot.
How I Met Your Mother (CBS): Ted and Marshall decide to duel over the apartment.

Prison Break (Fox): Michael gets a conjugal visit to the surprise of many including the doctor.

CSI: Miami (CBS): Caught in the middle of a divorce case Ryan gets nailed and his life is at risk.

Solid Selections

Surface (NBC): Down we go in a makeshift submarine tonight in Episode 8.

Two and a Half Men (CBS): Charlie talks Jake into taking ballet lessons so he can hit on the teacher.
Out of Practice (CBS): I think this show gets it ratings from the fact that a lot of people watch Two and a Half Men and then what else are you going to do until CSI: Miami comes on but watch this.

Medium (NBC): It is re-election time and it looks a little too close to call.

Other Options

Prison Break (Fox): Repeat of last week’s episode.

Las Vegas (NBC): A priceless necklace is going to be on display and I am sure that everything will be just fine. At least by the end of the hour it will be. Except someone is supposed to get killed off this month.

Nothing to see here in the third hour.

Cable Choices

Emeril Live (Food Network): Watch Emeril cook up a classic Thanksgiving feast in this repeat episode.

Unwrapped (Food Network): Turkey day gets unwrapped.
Unwrapped (Food Network): Repeat episode involving things that are stuffed.

Anthony Bourdain (Travel Channel): The Fox sitcom based on him seems to have been cancelled but you can still follow Tony around Vietnam and watch him taste all sorts of food items.


Monday Night Football on ABC is the Cowboys at the Eagles.

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