TV Shows on DVD: CSI: Miami, The Golden Girls and Seinfeld

New TV shows on DVD out today. Any TV shows here that you find of interest? Check out this week’s Prime Picks for your viewing pleasure. There is once again a lot of good stuff this week, including one of the TVaholic’s all time favorites.

Prime TV on DVD Picks

C.S.I. Miami - The Complete Third SeasonC.S.I. Miami – The Complete Third Season
This is the season where CSI Tim Speedle is shot and killed in a shootout when his gun jams. This is also the season where we find that Horatio’s brother Raymond is not really dead. Horatio does the hero thing and gets his brother out and sends him on his way with wife and child in toe. This was a pretty good season all in all. This version of CSI is more stylistic and even less dialogue driven than the other two. Not that any of them are overly crowded with dialogue. The set is in widescreen format, which is great as this, is one of the most beautifully shot TV shows presently on. They have a lot to work with given the location of where the stories take place. You get all 24 episodes on 7 discs. Special features include commentary on six of the episodes and an eight-part featurette that takes you to Medical Examiner School.

The Golden Girls - The Complete Third SeasonThe Golden Girls – The Complete Third Season
Picture this, a group of four older women living, loving and laughing together in a house in Miami and taking you along for the hilarious ride. This was a very funny show. Whether it was Blanche talking about her latest man, Rose telling the wonderful stories about growing up in St. Olaf. Dorothy always looking but never quite finding that special someone and Sophia always there with that special zinger and don’t forget about all that cheesecake that they ate. The set includes all 25 episodes on 3 discs. Special features include outrageous moment and clips of favorite scenes of each of these golden women. So throw yourself a party and invite everyone you know over for a little cheesecake, conversation and comedy.

Seinfeld - Seasons 5 & 6 Giftset (Includes Handwritten Script and Collectible Puffy Shirt)Seinfeld – Seasons 5 & 6 Giftset (Includes Handwritten Script and Collectible Puffy Shirt)
Seinfeld - Season 5Season 5 includes some of my favorite episodes of this show. The Puffy Shirt episode with the low-talker, The Masseuse episode where Jerry does whatever he can to get a massage, The Dinner Party where Jerry ends up stealing the Babka, The Raincoats with the close-talker, The Hamptons with the shrinkage and one of my all time favorite episodes The Opposite where George decides to take whatever his natural inclination is and do the exact opposite and his life starts to really look good including getting a job with the Yankees. While things start looking up for George, things take a dive for Elaine because everything for Jerry remains even. Seinfeld - Season 6Season 6 includes some great episodes as well. Remember the The Race where Jerry dates a woman named Lois whose boss is his old nemesis, The Label-Maker where we learn all about re-gifting, The Fusilli Jerry where Kramer gets his new license plates and becomes the Assman and The Understudy where George and Jerry are accused of injuring Bette Midler on purpose and Elaine runs into J. Peterman. Both Season’s 5 and 6 can be purchased together in the Re-Gift Set 2 that includes a miniature Puffy Shirt and a reproduction of a handwritten script by Jerry Seinfeld. The set includes 44 episodes on eight discs. Special features include commentaries, deleted scenes and bloopers.

Other TV on DVD Options

Aeon Flux – The Complete Animated Collection
American Idol – The Best of Seasons 1 – 4
American Idol – The Best & Worst of American Idol ( Limited Edition )
American Idol – The Worst of Seasons 1-4
The Andy Griffith Show – The Complete Fourth Season
Astro Boy Collection Box Set (1980)
Batman vs. Dracula (with Figurines)
Dark Shadows Collection 21
Extreme Makeover – Home Edition
The French Chef With Julia Child 2
Home Improvement – The Complete Third Season
Kenny Vs Spenny:Season One
King of the Hill – The Complete Fifth Season
Leave It to Beaver – The Complete First Season
Leave it to Beaver – The Complete First Season Limited Edition Gift Set
Naked City – Set 2
Tom Green:Inside & Outside
Tracey Takes On – The Complete First Season
The X-Files Mythology, Vol. 4 – Super Soldiers

If you would like to get your hands on these shows as soon as possible then try ordering online at Circuit City and they will have it waiting for you at your local store in 24 minutes or they will give you a $24 gift card.

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