November 2005

Tonight on the Tube: Reruns, Runaway Bride’s and Running Backs

November 26, 2005

As per the usual Saturday night there is not much worth get excited for on the networks. Today you will also find some of the cable networks having TV show marathons. Not as many as the last couple of days but still a few. What show would you like to sit and watch all day […]

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Tonight on the Tube: More TV show Marathons, Close to Home and NUMB3RS

November 25, 2005

Are you still full from yesterday? Happy Day After ThanksgiVing. So you’ve been shopping or recreating in some way today hopefully. How about some picks and such for what is on TV tonight and once again we must remember that it is Friday and there is not much to work with on the networks. Since […]

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Tonight on the Tube: TV Show Marathons, CSI and Without a Trace

November 24, 2005

A Happy ThanksgiVing to everyone out there. There are actually some new shows on tonight. I don’t recall this as being normal for this holiday. Do you? What TV shows will you feast on tonight? Will you be watching a marathon of a favorite show? Here are some ideas of what can be found the […]

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Tonight on the Tube: Yes, Dear, Lost and Invasion

November 23, 2005

Once again there is really nothing all that special to watch in the first hour of primetime tonight. Which is followed by too much good stuff in the next hour. It is famine before feast on Wednesday night. Prime Picks Still Standing (CBS): Bill and Judy try to get the attention of some new friends […]

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