Tonight on the Tube: Arrested Development x 2 and a Related Christmas

Fox cancels Arrested Development because of poor ratings and now is showing a full hour of the show. Am I missing something? Oh to be a network executive for a day just to see what they are thinking would be great.

Prime Picks

Arrested Development (FOX): Michael is worried when he finds out that Lucille is dating the warden of the prison and George Sr. has know idea.
Arrested Development (FOX): A repeat from a previous season with guest star Liza Minelli as a rival of Lucille.

Related (WB): Christmas with the Sorelli family. This should be good, as the show has really improved since the premiere.

CSI: Miami (CBS): Repeat of the Blood in the Water episode.

Solid Selections

The King of Queens (CBS): Repeat with Carrie and Doug seeking a little marriage help from a neighbor.
How I Met Your Mother (CBS): Repeat episode. This is the one at the dance club with Barney in that Silver shirt.

Two and a Half Men (CBS): Repeat from earlier this season.
Out of Practice (CBS): Repeat of the only episode of this sitcom that I have not seen which is the Truth about Dogs and Nerds.

Medium (NBC): Repeat with guest star Chad Lowe as an airline pilot suspected of killing his wife.

Other Options

Elton John: Red Piano (NBC): Justin Timberlake playing a young Elton John and Pamela Anderson doing a pole dance.

Las Vegas (NBC): Repeat of the episode where Danny finally meets the woman in the photos with his Dad.

Zero, zilch, zip, nada, nothing in the way of third hour other options.

Cable Choices

2005: The Big, the Bad and the Best (E!): If you like pop culture, then relive the most memorable moments and trends of the last year.

Deck the Halls (Lifetime): A two-hour made for TV movie starring Gabrielle Carteris as a mom who’s son tries to set her up with a man he thinks is Santa Claus.

Cable Note

Part six of Sleeper Cell is on Showtime tonight.

Sports Note

Monday Night Football is the New Orleans Saints at the Atlanta Falcons tonight on ABC.

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