TV Shows on DVD: Gilmore Girls, Miami Vice and The Simpsons

It is Tuesday and new TV shows on DVD hit stores today. What are they you ask? Is there anything that I might want to add to my TV on DVD collection? Well check out the Prime Picks and see if you agree. Will you be adding any of these TV shows to your collection?

Prime TV on DVD Picks

Gilmore Girls - The Complete Fifth SeasonGilmore Girls – The Complete Fifth Season
What a wonderful little town the fictional Stars Hollow is. So many great side characters hover around the two main characters. The best of these is Kirk who has held just about every job one can think of in the area. This is the season where the long awaited relationship between Luke and Lorelai really got going. This is also the season where things fall apart for Rory. The wit and humor of the dialogue and the creatively drawn characters makes each episode a must see. Each leaving you wanting to know more about where each is headed and what happens next in their lives. Get all 22 episodes on this six disc set that includes audio commentary by Amy Sherman-Palladino, a behind the scenes look at the filming of the 100th episode and a compilation montage of the best dialogue sequences from the season.

Miami Vice - Season TwoMiami Vice – Season Two
This was one of the best cop shows on TV. Right from the very start with the theme song, fast cars and fashion trend-setting clothes. Crocket and Tubbs were two of the coolest undercover cops to grace the small screen. This is one of the first shows that I can remember that used popular music of the day as background but yet integrated so well that it was one of the great things about the show. Almost every show now ties in music to each episode. Few do it as well as this one did. Many people think that this was the best season of this show. The set comes on three discs, which includes all 22 episodes but is light on special features.

The Simpsons - The Complete Seventh Season (Collectible Marge Head Pack)The Simpsons – The Complete Seventh Season (Collectible Marge Head Pack)
Would you like yours in Marge Head or Regular? Either would be great as the four discs that come in the box are chock full of special features. All 25 episodes from season seven are there, most with audio commentary. There is a whole bunch of deleted scenes and an introduction from Matt himself to get you started off just right. If you enjoy pop culture and you like poking fun at it even more then The Simpsons is the show for you. The group behind this show is great at producing some of the funniest cultural commentary to be done on TV. Not all of the jokes are easily seen or heard as you sometimes need to watch and listen closely to catch the humor. This is a great series to have on DVD for just that reason. As you can watch each episode over and over, each time finding something new that you missed the first time

Other TV on DVD Options

Dukes of Hazzard – The Complete Fifth Season
Family Bonds – The Complete First Season
Farscape – Season 3, Collection 1 (Starburst Edition)
Rambo, Vol. 5: Snow Raid
Rambo, Vol. 6: Face of Freedom
Reba – Season 2
Tour of Duty – The Complete Series

If you would like to get your hands on these shows as soon as possible then try ordering online at Circuit City and they will have it waiting for you at your local store in 24 minutes or they will give you a $24 gift card.

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