Tonight on the Tube: The O.C. Reunion with two Joey’s

There are a few repeats and a few new episodes and The Apprentice season finale, what will you be watching? Get some ideas for what is on the tube tonight worth taking a peek at.

Prime Picks

The O.C. (FOX): It is Chrismukkah in the O.C., nuff said.

Reunion (FOX): It is 1994. There is nothing else on really but can’t really give this a much of a recommendation as we will never at this point find out what happened. Which begs the question: Why is Fox still showing this if they don’t think it is good enough for a full season? Makes no sense what so ever but what do I know? Given Fox’s recent history with premature cancellation maybe the question is what do they know? Cause it doesn’t seem like much.

Without a Trace (CBS): This was a very good episode with the kid who is obsessed with security going missing and the team trying to find him.

Solid Selections

Joey (NBC): Joey takes a trip south of the border.
Joey (NBC): A very Joey Christmas with a party and everything.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS): This was a good episode. A woman is found dead at the bottom of some stairs and the evidence point to the possibility that is was not an accident.

Primetime (ABC): Insurance industry investigation.

Other Options

Smallville (WB): Repeat of the two-episode back-to-back season opener that makes one epic episode. This was the start of what has been an outstanding season of this show.

You could always watch the last hour of The Apprentice season finale.

Cable Choices

Paula’s Southern Christmas (Food Network): Paula Deen celebrates Christmas with some holiday favorites from the south and some family.

Elton John: Red Piano (Bravo): If you missed it on Monday night catch a repeat here. I wonder if the pole dance will be cut from the cable broadcast too?

The Showbiz Show with David Spade (Comedy Central): Spade attempts to skewer the goings on in Hollywood with humor. When it works it works and when it doesn’t it really doesn’t.

Sports Notes

Find NBA Basketball on TNT tonight with the Denver Nuggets playing the Cleveland Cavaliers in the early game followed by the Houston Rockets at my not nearly as good as they were last year Seattle Sonics.

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