‘Twas the Week Before Christmas

‘Twas the week before Christmas, when all through TV land,
Most shows were in repeats, so the schedule was quite bland,
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The remotes were sitting quietly next to the TV gear,
Just waiting for new shows to start in the New Year,
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The viewers were confused and not knowing what to do,
While visions of favorite characters left them less blue;
It was a time for shows that recap the year past,
And award shows that can’t go by too fast,
TV Guide
When in the TV Guide I did notice on CBS,
That it was not totally true, I must confess,
Their Monday night lineup was totally new,
Everything including CSI: Miami, woohoo!
The King of Queens was ready to go,
This night was not going to totally blow.
Next was How I Met Your Mother in this comedy block,
This show is great the night is going to rock,
Will Barney Santa Suit Up in pursuit of a lady,
And what will he blurt out that sounds a bit shady?
Then Two and a Half Men will come your way,
Where a woman takes over the house for the Holiday.
On next is Out of Practice with the family of Docs,
Including a sister in the ER and a brother that does Botox.
Arrested Development - Season One
I almost forgot about that show Fox has cut short,
Arrested Development is new tonight I must report,
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But what will the rest of the week hold,
Could the networks try something new and bold?
NBC has something new it is a weeklong event,
Deal or No Deal will try to make a ratings dent.
It's a Wonderful Life
Nothing new on Tuesday or much Wednesday either
Except have you been watching Martha Stewart, me neither?
Thursday and Friday still nothing new to get me excited,
My love of new TV shows will have to go unrequited,
Saturday is usually a night of repeat TV show strife,
But NBC this week will be playing It’s a Wonderful Life.
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Next Sunday is Christmas can you believe,
A bunch of repeats the networks will weave,
But during the day after opening all the gifts,
You can watch Shaq and Kobe with their dumb on court rifts.
That’s right ABC will have the Lakers and the Heat,
So sit back and relax in your favorite comfy seat,
But when the game is over then what will I do,
I haven’t the foggiest or even a clue.
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Maybe if Santa heard my one little plea,
I will be watching Seinfeld and others on DVD,
This is a possibility for me I do hope,
Because if not I don’t know how I’ll cope,
This will also keep me happy next week,
Because nothing is on I’ve already taken a peek.
Arrested Development - Season Two
As the New Year approaches I have a few wishes,
I will stop short of wanting Fox execs to sleep with the fishes,
These people I just don’t understand how,
They can cancel Reunion and keep playing it now,
They do these weird things that leave me cold,
But they are not alone CBS has cancelled Threshold.
ABC or Showtime will you just help us TVaholics out,
Pickup Arrested Development and your Network we’ll tout!

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