Tonight on the Tube: Arrested Development and TV Show Holiday Marathons

It is a holiday and that means cable channels will be filling the airwaves with multiple showings of some of the best offerings and your favorites. See below for what will be playing this day below. What will you be watching today on TV?

Prime Picks

Arrested Development (FOX): Repeat of In God We Trust where Lucille attempts to turn Michael and Lindsay against each other.
Arrested Development (FOX): Repeat of Afternoon Delight where Michael has to rebuild the banana stand after it is tossed in the bay.

House (FOX): Repeat of Fidelity with guest star Dominic Purcell as the husband of the sick patient.

CSI: Miami (CBS): Repeat of the episode where Horatio tries to find the right bad guy when the wrong one is put away before he falls prey to the system.

Solid Selections

The King of Queens (CBS): Repeat where Doug and Arthur play detective.
How I Met Your Mother (CBS): The episode where Ted throws parties on three consecutive nights in an attempt to spend time with Robin is repeated.

Two and a Half Men (CBS): Repeat where Berta moves in for a few days.
Out of Practice (CBS): Repeat episode.

Medium (NBC): Repeat of A Couple of Choices episode.

Other Options

Crossing Jordan (NBC): The first part of the crossover with Las Vegas from earlier this season.

Las Vegas (NBC): The second part of the crossover with Crossing Jordan from earlier this season.

Nothing worth your time in the third hour tonight

Cable Choices

Emeril’s Kicked Up New Years (Food Network): Get ready for New Years with some ideas for dinner.

Best of Oddball 2005 (MSNBC): Keith Olbermann counts down the best wacky and weird stories of the year that have appear in his nightly Oddball segment.

Nip/Tuck (FX): Yet another chance to see the Carver unmasked. Run two hours and four minutes.

Sports Notes

Monday Night Football will bid a fond farewell tonight with the last game to be played on network TV. The game will be moving to cable and ESPN next year. You will have to get used to hearing Madden commentate on Sunday Night Football on NBC next season. The game will be the New England Patriots at the New York Jets.

In College Football action you will find the Motor City Bowl on ESPN this afternoon with Akron facing Memphis from Detroit, MI.

TV Show Holiday Marathons

Discovery Channel – Six hours of shows about Shark attacks.
ESPN2 – World’s Strongest Man Competition – 2005 plays seven times.
Travel Channel – Seven episodes of Globe Trekker.
History Channel – UFO Files plays through out the day.
Nickelodeon – Go, Diego, Go in the morning and Catscratch later on.
Disney Channel – Suite Life of Zach & Cody plays 10 times this afternoon.
Animal Planet – Eleven episodes of Growing Up … follow by six episodes of Animal Cops.
CNBC – Seven consecutive episodes of Mad Money.
Court TV – North Mission Road plays 18 times.
Oxygen – Will be playing episodes of Roseanne, Grace Under Fire, Living Single and A Different World all day.
A&E – Twelve episodes from season three of 24 play today.
Spike TV – Five consecutive 007 James Bond Movies.
Sci-Fi Channel – Ten episodes of seaQuest DSV are on today.
MTV – My Super Sweet Sixteen plays nine times followed by chunks of Real World/Road Rule Challenge and Punk’d.
E! – Five hours of the 101 Biggest Celebrity Oops! followed by five more hours of the 101 Even Bigger Celebrity Oops!
G4 – Icons plays 10 times in a row.
BBC America – What Not to Wear plays 10 times in the morning.
Discovery Health – Eight hours of Mystery Diagnosis during the day.

Note: Check your local listing for exact times in your area.

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