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New TV shows on DVD out today. Usually they are released on Tuesday but a few have been released today to coincide with the day after Christmas holiday. Any TV shows here that you find of interest? Check out this week’s Prime Pick for your viewing pleasure.

Prime TV on DVD Pick

Nowhere Man: The Complete SeriesNowhere Man: The Complete Series
This was a great show starring Bruce Greenwood as a guy whose life has been completely erased over the course of a single night. Everyone who ever new him now does not including his family. Who has done this to him and Why? The episodes follow him as he travels around trying to find out just that. The show only lasted 25 episodes, which are all included in this DVD set. It was a show that was cut all to short and was way ahead of its time. This is definitely one worth adding to the old TV DVD collection.

Other TV on DVD Options

Seaquest DSV – Season One
The Shield – The Complete Fourth Season
Tracey Takes On – The Complete First Season
Twilight Zone: Season 5 – The Definitive Edition

If you would like to get your hands on these shows as soon as possible then try ordering online at Circuit City and they will have it waiting for you at your local store in 24 minutes or they will give you a $24 gift card.

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