How CBS Has Faired So Far This Season: Fall 2005

How has CBS performed during the Fall TV season? Well, let us take a day-by-day look at what they have offered up this season and see.

Sunday: Cold Case is a strong performer in the first hour of primetime but after that it is just the TV movie of the week. That included the pathetically bad Category 7 movie. Cold Case has done a little fiddling with the cast. I wish they would just figure it out already.

Monday: Next to Thursday night this has got to be this networks best night. The two hour comedy block with veteran shows like Two and a Half Men and King of Queens along with the newcomers the great How I Met Your Mother and the solid ratings winner Out of Practice is a really good night of comedy. The night is capped off by the stand sideways, take my sunglasses off and make an intense statement David Caruso show CSI: Miami.

Tuesday: The night starts off with the fun NCIS and then had The Amazing Race and Close to Home. Close to Home was moved to Friday nights as it was thought to be a better bridge between Ghost Whisperer and NUMB3RS than was Threshold. Threshold was supposedly moved to Tuesday nights to help it in the ratings but seemed to never be on and when it was finally shown once on this night it was then immediately canceled. Network execs never cease to amaze. How they expected to build or gain audience for a show when they treat it like that I have no idea.

Wednesday: This night brought you the new show Criminal Minds. Criminal Minds has done solid ratings wise, as it is a pretty good show. I especially like a couple of the characters on the show. The know-it-all double doctorate geek profiler and the can-do-anything with a computer tech geek are fun to watch as they try to interact with the rest of the cast. CSI: NY introduced a new CSI, which along with the morgue doc becoming a CSI has put a little more life into the show.

Thursday: All hail the ratings king. This is CBS’s best night. With Survivor still amazingly in my estimation keeping viewers coming back and the original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation usually the #1 show overall each week and the really great Without a Trace this night is a ratings bonanza for CBS. This doesn’t look to change anytime soon either. This is the channel that you will find my TV on for the last two hours of primetime each week on this night.

Friday: If you are watching network TV on Friday night you are probably watching CBS. Not because the shows are all that great but by default as nobody else really has much on especially in the drama category. The Ghost Whisperer unbelievably continues to do decent ratings on this night. Why? I don’t know. I gave it two episodes and it just didn’t do it for me. It only reminded me that I really missed Joan of Arcadia, which was a superior show on all counts. Close to Home after its move from Tuesday has done pretty well. NUMB3RS continues to perform well as it should. The math in addition to the procedural cop drama is great but what really makes this show tick is the dynamic interplay of the relationships between the characters. Especially the two brothers and their father but also some of the side characters like the other math professor and the female investigator.

Saturday: As with every other network they have completely given up on Saturday night TV. Here you will usually find repeats of their hit crime shows.

Overall: CBS is once again the ratings winner as they usually occupy at least half of the top ten shows each week. They have one of my favorite new shows in How I Met Your Mother and would have had two had they not canceled Threshold. They continue to live of the CSI franchise. A little something fresh might be in order though.

Things to look out for in 2006 on CBS: The new show Love Monkey starring Tom Cavanaugh formerly of Ed as a music producer navigating the single life. Also look for Courting Alex and The New Adventures of Old Christine, two comedies starring sitcom vets Jenna Elfman and Julia Louis Dreyfus respectively. In a more drama come action vein keep and eye out for The Unit about a Special Forces team.

What do you think about CBS so far this TV season? Leave your thoughts in comments.

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