Tonight on the Tube: Rose Bowl, Stacked and The Biggest Loser

The College Football season comes to and end tonight with the Rose Bowl. This will be the 28th Bowl game and the last one, which will decide the National Championship. Pretty much everything is in reruns so you won’t be missing much of anything. Who do you think is going to win the big game? If you are not into football check out the selections, options and choices below for some TV viewing alternatives. If football is out what else will you be watching tonight? Leave you thoughts in the comments.

Prime Picks

Rose Bowl (ABC): The undefeated Texas Longhorns go up against the defending National Champion USC Trojans who are also undefeated. If USC can win they will have won the last three National Championships. That would be quite and accomplishment. Most seem to be picking the Trojans who I think will probably ultimately prevail but I think that it could be a lot tighter than most think. I think the Longhorns come out pumped and ready to show everybody that they are wrong but in the end the Trojans will comeback and win the game. They just look too good.

Solid Selections

That ‘70s Show (FOX): Repeat where Jackie tries to get Hyde back after she learns that he was going to propose.
Stacked (FOX): After the ending of the show last week Sklyer wonders whether Stuart is interested in more with Kat and Gavin worries about the possibility of a harassment claim.

Veronica Mars (UPN): Repeat where Veronica helps a woman find out if her man is into her just for her money or not.

CSI: NY (CBS): Repeat where the team is investigating two murders that become all a part of one case. It involves lots of flashback scenes to sword fights and other cool stuff.

Other Options

The Biggest Loser: Special Edition (NBC): NBC doing its darnedest to take a well liked show and drive it into the ground so that nobody cares anymore. Runs two hours.

Law & Order (NBC): Repeat.

Cable Choices

Emeril Live (Food Network): Emeril kicks up some hearty offerings.

MythBusters (Discovery Channel): Repeat of the one where they test out a myth by firing chickens at an airplane. Really cool chicken gun.

Celebrity Fit Club (VH1): Quasi-celebrities like Young MC, Kelly LeBrock, Jeff Conaway and Tempestt Bledsoe weigh in for the first time.

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