New TV on DVD: The Flash & More

Well it is Tuesday and new TV shows on DVD are out today. A lot of British television shows out this week. Any TV shows here that you find of interest? What will you be adding to your TV on DVD collection? Check out this week’s Prime Pick and Other Options for your viewing pleasure.

Prime TV on DVD Pick

The Flash - The Complete SeriesThe Flash – The Complete Series
This show was a solid live action adaptation of a comic book hero. The Flash starred John Wesley Shipp, who more recently played Dawson’s dad on Dawson’s Creek, as police scientist Barry Allen who is hit by lightning while performing and experiment. This combined with the chemicals from the lab that spill on him give him his special powers, the ability to run fast and modulate his cells to be able to pass through walls. The show suffered from what great TV shows still suffer from today, the ever-shifting timeslot where people never seem to be able to find it. This was a short-lived show that was ahead of its time. This DVD set includes all 22 episodes of the show including the 90-minute pilot on six discs. If you like the Spider-Man and Batman movies or shows like Smallville or comic book heroes in general then you will probably find this an enjoyable set of DVDs.

Other TV on DVD Options

As Time Goes By – Reunion Special
Black Books – The First Complete Series
Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda: Season 5, Collection 3
The Hee Haw Collection, Vol. 5
The House of Eliott – Series 2
Men Behaving Badly – Season 3 (British TV Series)
Men Behaving Badly – Season 4 (British TV Series)
Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom – Hunters of the Sky
Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom – The African Wild 2
Nighty Night – The Complete Series 1
Red Dwarf – Series 7
Rising Damp – Series 1
Strong Medicine – The Complete First Season
Urban Gothic: Season 1
Viva la Bam: Complete Seasons 4 & 5

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