Say it Again: Love Monkey

A few things the TVaholic found funny in the past week on TV.

Dialogue of the Week

Show: Love Monkey
The Setup: Tom and his girlfriend Gabby are eating lunch at an outdoor vegan café.
Gabby: Wheat Balls?
Tom: No, I always sit this way.

A Couple of Runners Up

Show: Saturday Night Live
The Setup: Man walks into a jewelry store to buy his girlfriend and engagement ring and is talking to the woman behind the counter.
Salesperson: What kind of ring are you looking for?
Customer: Not so big I have to work Saturdays but not so small she kicks me in the nuts.

Show: The West Wing
The Setup: CJ is walking down the hall and comes across her assistant Margaret while in the middle of trying to negotiate a big deal with the Chinese and Germans in regards to the situation in Africa.
Margaret: The President’s waiting for you in the Oval Office and I have a yogurt.
CJ: What for?
Margaret: For you to eat.

What were your favorite lines from last week?

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