Tonight on the Tube: Surface, 24 and CSI: Miami

24 T-Shirt, Jack Adult T-ShirtEverything but the first two hours of ABC programming and the comedies on UPN are new tonight. There is one new show to debut tonight on CBS, Courting Alex. That being the third name for this sitcom. Hopefully it will be a charm but sometimes that tends to be a sign of a bad show. Can you say Killer Instinct? Name number two did nothing for that show. Which shows will you be watching? Take a look below for the best ideas for your viewing pleasure.

Prime Picks

Surface (NBC): It is learned that the species were created by a group of scientists and a corporation in which Laura goes in search of was funding it. Episode 13.

24 (FOX): Could the first fours hours have been any better? Tonight CTU investigates their own to try and find the leak and Jack and Audrey have an awkward meeting. President Logan starts to breakdown as the threat escalates.

CSI: Miami (CBS): A female executive is shot and the evidence leads to the Mala Noche gang.

Solid Selections

The King of Queens (CBS): Doug enlists his mom to help him win at poker.
How I Met Your Mother (CBS): Ted has a romantic night with a woman but doesn’t get her number. Robin starts to think she may have feelings for Ted. This is my favorite new comedy.

Two and a Half Men (CBS): Charlie deals with the idea of a committed relationship.
Courting Alex (CBS): Debut episode of this show. CBS sure has been pushing it with a lot of advertising. That didn’t seem to work for ABC and Emily’s Reasons Why Not very much.

Medium (NBC): Allison helps to find a child that has been missing and then is haunted by dreams of what bad things the kid will do in the future.

Other Options

Skating With Celebrities (FOX): They sure like to show that one scene of the woman’s head banging on the ice. If you like falls, cuts, bruises and the like then tune in and see what happens next.

Las Vegas (NBC): Pure escapist fun.

The Bachelor: Paris (ABC): It is an option.

Cable Choices

Wildfire (ABC Family): Wildfire gets loose while Kris is in charge of things at the ranch and Jean and Charlie take a romantic vacation.

Unwrapped (Food Network): A look at refreshing snack and how they are made.
Unwrapped (Food Network): A repeat look at food of a funny nature.

American Chopper (Discovery Channel): The third FANtasy Bike winner is revealed as the team travels to California to meet him.

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