Tonight on the Tube: Surface, 24 and CSI: Miami

CSI: Miami: The SoundtrackThe second to last episode of Surface is on tonight on NBC. The show has not yet been renewed for a second season. From what I have read Episode 15 next week will tie some things up but will leave an opening for a future episodes. It is kind of like The 4400 was on USA. A mini-series with a conclusion so if you never see another episode you won’t feel cheated but enough of an opening so that they can come back with more. Hopefully they go with the more idea. This has been one of the most fun new shows to watch this season. What will you be watching tonight on TV?

Prime Picks

Surface (NBC): Episode 14. Lee ends up knowing more than he ever would have thought after Laura and Rich go looking for him to get some answers of their own.

24 (FOX): Jack learns of the internal leek and gets a face-to-face with it and also finds out more about what the threat is in more detail.

CSI: Miami (CBS): A student screenplay mirrors the events of real murders taking place around town, which may be linked to organized crime.

Solid Selections

The King of Queens (CBS): Repeat where Doug tries to find out why another driver hasn’t invited him to his party.
How I Met Your Mother (CBS): Repeat with the duel. Ted and Marshall sword fight over who will get the apartment in the future. Normally they would just let future Ted and future Marshall deal with it.

Two and a Half Men (CBS): Charlie gets to make lots of old people jokes when Alan somehow ends up dating the old lady next door in this repeat.
Courting Alex (CBS): Alex tries to keep the fact that she and Scott, the guy who wouldn’t sell his family’s bar, are seeing each other from her father. CBS is advertising this as the #1 New Comedy on TV. Seeing how Emily got canceled after one showing and Four Kings and Crumbs are the only other competition, it is probably true.

Medium (NBC): Repeat where Allison dream about a woman in 1959 who was committed. She then starts to figure out that the woman is real and that she may still be alive.

Other Options

Skating With Celebrities (FOX): If man made species or CBS sitcoms don’t do it for you then this is an option in the first hour of primetime.

Related (WB): Bob is working with an old girlfriend and Rose is upset over the whole Joel situation.

The Bachelor: Paris (ABC): Well it is on, which makes it an option. Why you would watch it, I don’t know.

Cable Choices

Wildfire (ABC Family): Matt trains Kris. Charlie helps Todd. Isabelle’s true colors show.

Monster Garage (Discovery Channel): Repeat of the Cop Car/Donut Shop. This was a really cool build putting two things that go together into one vehicle.

American Chopper (Discovery Channel): A FANtasy Bike is built for a paraplegic in California.

Sports Notes

ESPN has more Winter X Games tonight with SnoCross last chance qualifying and men’s snowboarding superpipe finals.

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