Tonight on the Tube: NCIS, House and Love Monkey

The Best of Mandy MooreCommander In Chief has been benched for awhile do to ever dwindling ratings. The show may be being run better internally with the takeover of Steven Bochco. Yet the product is not as good as it was and it wasn’t that great to begin with. The best part of the show was the devious Templeton played by Donald Sutherland. This aspect of the show has been put to the background. When the show comes back it better bring that aspect back or it will not be long for the TV schedule. Less and less of you have been watching this anyway but with it not on tonight what will you be watching?

Prime Picks

NCIS (CBS): During the raid of an illegal chop shop run by Marines the team makes a disturbing discovery.

House (FOX): A housewife crashes her car when her unexplained muscle flailing starts. She ends up in Dr. House’s care.

Love Monkey (CBS): Wayne is making his first video and the project starts to get out of control with the up and coming director that Tom hired having his own agenda.

Solid Selections

Gilmore Girls (WB): Emily wants to have Luke over for dinner to try and get to know him better since he is going to be their son-in-law.

Scrubs (NBC): J.D. gets a new love interest played by Mandy Moore and Elliot gives him some romantic advice.
Scrubs (NBC): J.D.’s new girlfriend played by Mandy Moore does not laugh at his jokes but tells him when things are funny thus annoying him.

Boston Legal (ABC): Daniel played by Michael J. Fox is throwing his own funeral.

Other Options

American Idol (FOX): More auditions.

Supernatural (WB): Sam has a premonition about a man who is killed and made to look like he committed suicide.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC): A moonlighting stripper lawyer is found murdered and the team investigates.

Cable Choices

Emeril Live (Food Network): Repeat of the Hot and Spicy contest winners’ recipes.

Overhaulin’ (TLC): Leno’s Heist.

The Shield (FX): The Strike Team’s clubhouse is bugged and Dutch tries to learn Claudette’s secret while they work a missing person’s case.

Sports Notes

ESPN has Duke at North Carolina in NCAA Basketball action tonight.

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