Say it Again: Funny Quotes From Boston Legal and More

A few funny lines of dialogue the TVaholic heard during the week of February 12th, 2006 on TV. With the Winter Olympics on NBC some shows were in repeats this week so the pool of funny quotes possibilities was a bit low. Yet there were still some pretty funny quotes. These are the ones that stood out. Read on for a little laugh. Enjoy!

Dialogue of the Week

Show: Boston Legal (ABC)
Episode: Smile
The Setup: A private school has decided not to let a young girl in because she can’t smile. She has nerve damage from a car accident. Other than that she is a bright and insightful girl. Her mother comes to Alan Shore for help, as she knows what he is capable of as she worked for one of his previous firms. Alan goes to talk to the school and meets with the head of the school a guy named Lester and the rest of the decision makers. Alan gives a big speech on how he had hoped that they could have worked this out but he will have to go another way.
Lester: Mr. Shore, our school has been sued several times, never successfully.
Alan: You know what they say Lester, you never forget your first time.

Other Funny Quotes This Week

Show: Smallville (WB)
Episode: Cyborg
The Setup: Clark has been in love with Lana since before she new he existed. They have been dating on and off over the course of the show. She doesn’t know his secret or about his amazing abilities. Chloe does know about Clark. Chloe and Lana are talking about Victor Stone a former football star that was in a car accident and thought to have died but a cybernetics company owned by LutherCorp has done a little work on him. Making him almost more machine than human. Clarks walks in.
Chloe: …Ya think he likes blondes?
Clark: His girlfriend is a brunette, sorry.
Chloe: Ahh.
Lana: Does she know what actually happened to him?
Clark: No. He doesn’t want her to know. He’s afraid how she’ll react.
Lana: Well, what’s he gonna do just keep lying to her and hope she doesn’t notice how different he is.
(Chloe and Clark share an awkward look.)

Show: Smallville (WB)
Episode: Cyborg
The Setup: LutherCorp has recaptured Victor who is half man and half bionic components. He is locked into a chair in the middle of a lab. He and Lex Luthor are talking about what has happened to him and what they are going to do. The doctor works in the background.
Lex: Look. All I’m doing is giving you a future, chance for a normal life.
Victor: Normal! Half my body is straight out of the Sharper Image catalogue.
Lex: At a price a lot steeper than six million dollars…

Show: Related (WB)
Episode: Not Without My Daughter
The Setup: Ginnie has had some pregnancy problems and she and Bob are talking with her doctor. He is telling them that everything should be fine as long as she gets some rest and stays off her feet.
Ginnie: For how long?
Doctor: Anywhere from, ah, two weeks til the end of your term.
Bob: Pretty big window there, ay. Huh. Why don’t you just say I don’t know.
Doctor: Ok. I don’t know. Feel better?
Bob and Ginnie: No.
Doctor: That’s why.

What did you find funny last week? What was your favorite line? Leave yours in the comments.

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