Tonight on the Tube: American Idol Results, CSI and Without a Trace

I Don't Mean to Be Rude, But... : Backstage Gossip from American Idol & the Secrets that Can Make You a StarTonight we get to see how America voted regarding American Idol. The guys sang last night and overall had much better performances than the ladies the night before. The guy with the least number of votes should be David Radford. I guess that is his real voice but each time I hear him I think he is doing a bad Harry Connick, Jr. impersonation. It doesn’t sound real. The next least I am not sure about but it should probably be one of the two youngest guys, either Will Makar or Kevin Covais. The only performance that stood out in a bad way was young Mr. Radford. Who do you think should be leaving the show tonight?

Prime Picks

American Idol (FOX): Find out which two women and which two guys got the least number of votes. Carrie Underwood last year’s winner performs.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS): The team investigates when a man is found stuffed down a chimney.

Without a Trace (CBS): The team investigates a 5 year old who has been kidnapped. Danny starts to notice Martin and his painkiller problems.

Solid Selections

Everybody Hates Chris (UPN): Chris tries to hide a bad grade from his parents.
Love, Inc. (UPN): Actually this show is pretty terrible but if you watched Chris then you need something to watch until the new hour begins. Might just be better off going and getting a snack and coming back in a half hour.

My Name Is Earl (NBC): Earl tries to make up for not paying taxes in his past and finds it odd when the government doesn’t want his money.
The Office (NBC): Dwight is asked to give a speech at a sales convention but is afraid of public speaking so he goes to Michael for help. Can’t wait.

ER (NBC): Starts a minute before the hour. Dr. Carter returns to the show.

Other Options

Deal or No Deal (NBC): Watch Howie keep asking the same question over and over and over again and then see what happens right after this commercial break. Much like the American Idol results shows.

Skating With Celebrities (FOX): The winning duo is announced. Which celebrity will take home the trophy? Jillian Barberie or Kristy Swanson?

Primetime (ABC): ABC investigative reports.

Cable Choices

Emeril Live (Food Network): Emeril cooks up recipes created by children in this repeat.

Disney Dream Desserts (Food Network): Students compete to win a spot at the Disney Kitchens.

Iron Chef America (Food Network): Repeat from Sunday where Iron Chef Mario Batali faced off against Chef John Besh in battle andouille sausage.

Sports Notes

TNT has NBA hoops action with the Cleveland Cavaliers at the Chicago Bulls followed by the two best teams in the west the Dallas Mavericks at the San Antonio Spurs. That should be a great game. ESPN has college hoops with Syracuse at DePaul after Wisconsin and Michigan State play. ESPN2 has some college hoops action also.

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