Tonight on the Tube: What I Like About Vegas NUMB3RS

by Jason the TVaholic on March 3, 2006

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Las VegasWow a Friday night and there is lots of good stuff worth watching and not just on cable either. Las Vegas moves from Monday to Friday as a lead in to the new show from the Law & Order people called Conviction. Young New York prosecutors who live, love and put people away. This show looks like it will revolve about 60-40 between the cases and the lives of these lawyers as opposed to Law & Order, which is about 99-1 about the cases. Also on FOX tonight is the 37th NAACP Image Awards. What will you be watching tonight on TV?

Prime Picks

What I Like About You (WB): Val finds out that they were not legally married and Holly begins to thinks she and Vince may have broken up too quickly.
Living With Fran (WB): Repeat where Riley and Fran are trying to celebrate one year together but people keep getting in the way.

Las Vegas (NBC): A friend of Monica’s finds a finger in the new buffet at the Montecito and everyone is afraid that she will sue.

NUMB3RS (CBS): The team investigates an anti-war bombing that bears all the marks of a 70s radical activist who has been underground since a bomb was planted back then that killed two people.

Solid Selections

Ghost Whisperer (CBS): Don’t watch alone or so they say on the commercials.

In Justice (ABC): The team investigates the claim of a rapist who says he didn’t do it and some on the team side with the victim and her account of what happened.

Conviction (NBC): This show looks pretty good but after watching the first episode I would still watch NUMB3RS over this. I will be recording it though as it was pretty good.

Other Options

Deal or No Deal (NBC): The end of the second five nights run for this show. Have you been watching?

Reba (WB): Repeat of the one where Brock had kidney stones and Reba had to take care of him.
Twins (WB): Mitchee learns that her ex is back in town and meets up with him despite Farrah’s warnings. Season Finale.

20/20 (ABC): ABC News investigative reports.

Cable Choices

Stargate SG-1 (Sci-Fi Channel): Vala returns to Stargate command and has news about the Ori.

Stargate Atlantis (Sci-Fi Channel): The team is trapped on a planet with a volcano and need to be rescued.

Monk (USA): Monk thinks an astronaut has committed a murder.

Sports Notes

ESPN has a Friday night NBA doubleheader with the Washington Wizards at the Philadelphia 76ers followed by the Los Angeles Clippers at the Utah Jazz. ESPN2 has Friday Night Fights.

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