Tonight on the Tube: American Idol, Bones and Invasion

American Idol GameLast night the ladies performed on American Idol and Simon is probably right and Kinnik Sky and Melissa McGee will be going home. Based on performances and the all-important connection with the voting audience they will be catching that plane. The only new show is Black. White. which premieres tonight on FX, see below for more about it. What will you be watching tonight on TV? Which women from American Idol do you think deserve to be in the final six?

Prime Picks

American Idol (FOX): The eight remaining guys perform tonight to see who will end up in the final 12.

Bones (FOX): The team finds bone fragments at a plane crash site that don’t belong to anyone who was on the plane. They may belong to a man who went missing five years ago.

Invasion (ABC): It looks like Russell and the Sheriff team up to find Derek and the pregnant Christina but stumble along something else in their search.

Solid Selections

Still Standing (CBS): Bill finds out that he is actually the one being lied to when he confronts his father.
Still Standing (CBS): Bill and Judy start to make improvements to their lifestyle even before their son is moved out.

Criminal Minds (CBS): The BAU team investigates a group of college kids murdered in the fashion of an old American Indian method that was used along time ago by a local tribe.

CSI: NY (CBS): A bellman is found dead in a water tank at a building where six other suspicious deaths have occurred over the past 10 years.

Other Options

America’s Next Top Model (UPN): Two hours of bald beauties battling it out for photo supremacy.

Law & Order (NBC): A murder victim with many thousands of dollars in his bank account may be a link to help solve the case.

Cable Choices

Emeril Live (Food Network): Duck, Duck, Duck Recipes.

MythBusters (Discovery Channel): The team goes and tries to fly a kite during a thunderstorm.

Black. White. (FX): Two families, one white and one black, go under and extreme makeup job to switch races and then try living in that way for awhile. Runs 67 minutes and then repeats again right after.

Sports Notes

ESPN2 has two World Baseball Classic games today. First is Cuba versus Panama followed by Canada versus United States. Later you will find a couple of college basketball conference tournament games. ESPN has four games from the Big East Tournament today.

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