American Idol Top 12 – Season 5

Well, America voted and the Top 12 have been chosen on this season of American Idol, the shows fifth. What can I say other than how could Bucky Covington possibly have made it into the Top 12 and Gedeon McKinney not? That was the shock of the night, last night for me. How about you? Is there anybody who didn’t make the Top 12 that you thought should be there?

The Top 6 Gals

The following is a list of the women and my ranking of their chances of making the final four of American Idol based on what we have seen so far. Who do you think has the best chance of the ladies to make it to the end?

  1. Mandisa – The girl can sing. Based on vocal talent she should definitely make the finals.
  2. Paris Bennett – The girl can sing and has stage presence with overflowing personality.
  3. Katharine McPhee – The girl can sing and is starting to show some personality
  4. Kellie Pickler – The girl has personality and can sing a bit too.
  5. Lisa Tucker – The girl can definitely sing but hasn’t shown much personality.
  6. Melissa McGhee – She is beautiful but that will only take you so far if the vocals don’t come through.

The Top 6 Guys

The following is a list of the men and my ranking of their chances of making it to the final four of American Idol after what we have seen the last three weeks. Who is your favorite to make it to the end?

  1. Chris Daughtry – The rocker can sing and has the personality, look and attitude to back it up.
  2. Taylor Hicks – A soulful voice and plenty of personality but the guy sure can’t dance.
  3. Elliot Yamin – Great voice, probably the best of the guys and based on that should go far.
  4. Ace Young – Sort of the Melissa McGhee of the guys yet the vocals have been there most of the time.
  5. Kevin Covais – Your kid brother will not be around much longer. This year’s John Stevens.
  6. Bucky Covington – Should not be here. If he puts the American Idol stylists to work maybe he can stick around a little longer.

My Guess at the American Idol Final Four

Based on personality and vocal talent, since you really need both to make it through this show and still be around near the end, I think that the final four of Season Five of American Idol, in no particular order, will be:

  • Paris Bennett
  • Chris Daughtry
  • Mandisa
  • Taylor Hicks

Who do you think will make the Final Four on American Idol this season? As we’ve seen in years past anything can happen and one bad performance and you can most definitely book your plane ticket home, especially now. Leave your thoughts and picks in the comments.

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