Tonight on the Tube: NCIS, The Unit, Boston Legal, American Idol, Scrubs and The Shield

Paula Deen & Friends: Living It Up, Southern StyleIt will be interesting to see what type of ratings The Unit gets this week after opening very good last week. Given that American Idol is two hours tonight and will be in competition with it, the numbers may drop. Yet I wouldn’t think that a large part of the audience for The Unit would be American Idol watchers, so maybe it won’t. It looks like Joey may have met its final demise as NBC is choosing to run Most Outrageous Moments instead of Joey episodes up against the first hour of American Idol. I can’t imagine that they thought it was going to do well last week in the same spot. Network executives boggle the mind. What will you be watching tonight?

Prime Picks

NCIS (CBS): A student at a Quantico Marine Base high school has a bomb strapped to him and is threatening to use it.

The Unit (CBS): The team is sent on a mission to recover a fallen Chinese satellite and it turns into an opportunity to capture a wanted terrorist.

Boston Legal (ABC): Alan Shore’s secretary is arrested for tax evasion.

Solid Selections

American Idol (FOX): Two hours of the Top 12 singing Stevie Wonder songs before the judges and a much larger audience than the last few weeks.

The Amazing Race 9 (CBS): The teams are in Russia.

Other Options

Most Outrageous Moments (NBC): Funny video clips from TV, video and the Internet.
According to Jim (ABC): It is St. Patrick’s Day and Cheryl urges Jim in vain to behave.

Scrubs (NBC): The rest of the interns find out Keith and Elliot’s relationship and Dr. Cox deals with a difficult patient.
Scrubs (NBC): Repeat of My Life in Four Cameras a cast favorite episode.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC): Repeat where a school shooting that left three students dead is investigated.

Cable Choices

Chefography (Food Network): Last night was a profile of Emeril. Tonight they profile Paula Deen. Find out how her hard work paid off.

Dirty Jobs (Discovery Channel): Plumbing and oil drilling are explored.

The Shield (FX): Lem is looking at pleading guilty to charges of heroin and Dutch and Claudette have their friendship tested. Runs 67 minutes. Repeats again right after.

Sports Notes

ESPN has a couple of NIT Tournament games later in the day and a preseason MLB game in the earlier. ESPN2 has Pacific Life Open tennis coverage and then later a World Baseball Classic game followed by more tennis later and another World Baseball Classic game after that.

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