American Idol: And Then There Were 11

Well I didn’t even think that Melissa McGhee was going to make the Top 12 so it wasn’t really a shock to see her go. Especially since she forgot the lyrics to the song she was singing. Not just on stage but while singing for Stevie Wonder with the lyric sheet in her hand. I think that is what sealed her fate even though she actually sounded pretty good.

How long to you think that the voters will keep little Kevin around? Keeping him around is just mean. He just looks out of place. All I ask is that he chooses a song this week that you can picture him singing. I think Simon’s comment about his performance being “appalling” was actually generous. It was more like a car wreck; you just can’t look away even though you know you should. My advice for him would be age appropriate, age appropriate, age appropriate.

What was Lisa Tucker doing in the bottom three? I know that she hasn’t shown much personality on stage and seems rather robotic sometimes but she has a great voice. That alone should keep you out of the bottom three with the likes of Bucky and Kevin still in the competition.

So here are the remaining 11 American Idol participants and how TVaholic ranks their chances of winning as of now based on what we have seen so far:

  1. Chris Daughtry – If he keeps picking the right songs he will go far.
  2. Taylor Hicks – If he picks better songs like he did this week he will go far.
  3. Paris Bennett – Seems to be able to sing anything and have fun doing it.
  4. Katharine McPhee – Has a great voice but needs to avoid having a bad week like Kellie did this week.
  5. Mandisa – If she doesn’t over sing she will go far.
  6. Kellie Pickler – If she picks songs that show her personality she will move along.
  7. Elliot Yamin – Needs to find a song he connects emotionally with to go far.
  8. Ace Young – Definitely needs to step up his vocals from this week to keep going.
  9. Lisa Tucker – Needs to show some personality and look like she is having fun to go far.
  10. Bucky Covington – Much better vocals are needed for him to keep going.
  11. Kevin Covais – Needs to just go.

Coming up next week on American Idol the theme will be songs of the ‘50s. As always song choice will be important. Who will be “da bomb” and who will just bomb? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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