Tonight on the Tube: Las Vegas, March Madness and Modern Men

Food Network Favorites : Recipes from Our All-Star ChefsWell my Washington Huskies got by Utah State yesterday and face Illinois tomorrow. Sci Fi Channel has sci-fi Friday with a new Stargate SG-1 and two episodes of Doctor Who. A new sitcom debuts tonight on the WB called Modern Men. Three men seek advice on women and life from a life coach. Couldn’t be worse than Twins that was previously in the same timeslot. What will you be watching tonight?

Prime Picks

What I Like About You (WB): The girls visit a spa to relax and get ready for the big wedding.
Living With Fran (WB): Fran worries about her and Riley’s age difference and what it will be like as for him as she gets older.

Las Vegas (NBC): Card counters and whale wedding planning.

Conviction (NBC): There are too many characters on this show to keep up with.

Solid Selections

America’s Funniest Home Videos (ABC): Someone gets hit in the crotch, another person falls down and a child does something childlike. Well I am just guessing but I bet I am not that far off.

Reba (WB): Reba buys Brock and Barbara Jean’s house with Van and rents it to them.
Modern Men (WB): Series Premiere. Three guys start seeing a life coach played by Jane Seymour.

20/20 (ABC): ABC News does a little digging and lets you know what they find.

Other Options

Deal or No Deal (NBC): How much longer do you give this before it takes a dive rating wise.

In Justice (ABC): A person who didn’t do what they were convicted of doing is helped by the team.

No third hour primetime other option tonight.

Cable Choices

Food Network Unwrapped (Food Network): Get a behind the scenes look at the Food Network and some of your favorite shows.

What Not to Underwear (TLC): Who couldn’t use some tips on which type of undies to wear with each type of outfit?

Monk (USA): Monk gets jury duty. Now that is not going to be good for anybody.

Sports Notes

CBS has NCAA Basketball Tournament games most of the day once again. ESPN2 has quarterfinal action from the Pacific Life Open in the morning and at night.

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