American Idol: Down to 10 on Season 5

Well better late than never, I guess. Kevin Covais has left the building. He received the least number of votes as the Top 11 on American Idol sang songs from the ‘50s. I thought he should have been the one leaving last week. This week I thought it should have been Bucky Covington, although he is probably not long for this show.

I did have the bottom three pegged correctly. This week there were no real surprises as there was with Ace being down there last week. On a great week of performances unfortunately Lisa, Bucky and Kevin stood out in the wrong direction. Last week I wanted to know why Lisa was in the bottom three. This week there was no question. She just doesn’t have the personality to connect with the viewing audience.

So here are the remaining 10 American Idol participants and how TVaholic ranks their chances of winning as of now based on what we have seen so far:

  1. Chris Daughtry – People seem to be complaining that he is just singing covers of covers. I say kudos to him for knowing these versions exist so he can sing something that suits him. Why people think he needs to sing something different or in another way, I just don’t know.
  2. Paris Bennett – This little bundle of happiness with the powerful voice just keeps entertaining the crowds with great showmanship and stage presence.
  3. Mandisa – She probably has the best voice and really looked good this week. She had the best performance this week.
  4. Katharine McPhee – She just keeps getting better and has jumped into my top four pushing Taylor down the list. I might just be getting a little McPheever.
  5. Kellie Pickler – She had a great performance and put herself in the thick of things after last weeks disappointing song choice.
  6. Taylor Hicks – I originally picked him for the final four after the top 12 were selected. Unfortunately he is hit or miss with his songs. He needs to keep with things that feature his voice and less with flailing around the stage.
  7. Ace Young – If he can have more performances like this week, he will probably stick around a bit longer.
  8. Elliott Yamin – He had a great performance this week. He looked more connected with the song. If he can keep that up he could rocket back up the rankings.
  9. Lisa Tucker – Great voice but that looks like about it. With someone like Paris in the competition it really brings that to light.
  10. Bucky Covington – He is my new just need to go pick.

The competitors get contemporary next week on American Idol as the theme will be music of the 21st century. Who is your favorite? Who do you think needs to go? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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