Tonight on the Tube: Bernie Mac, Vegas, NUMB3RS, Conviction and Modern Men

Great American Products - Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada Sign Belt BuckleIn the last few weeks Friday night on TV has really changed. Now there are actually multiple shows worth checking out. On the new show front The WB is debuting Survival of the Richest. Think The Simple Life, but each rich kid is teamed up with a poor kid and tasked have to be completed. Very much like Beauty and the Geek. Who will they think to pair up next? Will you be watching?

Prime Picks

The Bernie Mac Show (FOX): Wanda goes on a long business trip leaving Bernie at home with the kids.
The Bernie Mac Show (FOX): Bernie tries to help Vanessa’s prom date win her heart.

Las Vegas (NBC): Danny and Mike are trying to find who is robbing the residential suites and also end up posing for a beefcake calendar. Jillian is worried about what type of example her marriage has set for Delinda.

NUMB3RS (CBS): An Iraqi activist is killed in the U.S. and Don and the team search for the killer.

Solid Selections

America’s Funniest Home Videos (ABC): Repeat of funny videos of weddings, dogs chasing stuff and dirty diapers.

Reba (WB): Repeat where decides that he needs to go to Vegas to fix his money problems.
Modern Men (WB): Doug is having some fears with first time experiences since his divorce.

Conviction (NBC): This show is growing on me. Still think there are too many characters but they seem to be balancing them well. Giving each a chance to take center stage while the rest fade to the back a bit until there turn arrives the next week.

Other Options

Deal or No Deal (NBC): I know NBC doesn’t have a lot to work with but three nights a week, come on.

In Justice (ABC): A murder case from Sonya’s past is looked into.

20/20 (ABC): Profiles of Shakira and Jon Bon Jovi. They were everyday people that started at the bottom and rose above their circumstances to make it to the top.

Cable Choices

Heist (Bravo): Repeat of the pilot episode of this entertaining show. It is an Ocean’s Eleven for TV, except the cops are in the mix also.

Heist (Bravo): Repeat of the second episode from Wednesday night. If you missed the first two episodes here is your chance to catch up.

Monk (USA): Repeat where Monk ends up solving a murder while waiting with his brother at his home for their father to return. A pretty good episode that guest stars John Turturro as his brother.

Sports Notes

ESPN has an NBA doubleheader with the Memphis Grizzlies versus the New Orleans Hornets in the first and the Los Angeles Lakers at the Seattle Sonics in the second. ESPN2 has second round coverage of the Kraft Nabisco Championship, the first LPGA major of the year and later Friday Night Fights.

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