American Idol: How Did the Top 7 Do on Season 5

Thanks For The Memory...The Great American Songbook IVI thought they were going to be singing the songs of Rod Stewart. They were in a way but not exactly. The Top 7 sang the standards, the classics. The songs Rod Stewart has been singing as of late with his The Great American Songbook series of records. These were the songs the American Idol hopefuls had to choose from.

I thought they all chose very well and it was one of the best nights in the competition so far. Only one performance came off really bad. Given the material you would have thought that once again Chris would have the most trouble yet he had one of the better performances of the night.

So how did the performances last night on American Idol rank:

  1. Katharine McPhee – Have you come down with the McPheever yet. Last night she sang “Someone to Watch Over Me” and except for the very beginning she sounded great. Simon thought she “made the others look like good amateurs” with her performance. I am not sure I would go that far but it was the best of the night.
  2. Taylor Hicks – Taylor sang “You Send Me” and sounded pretty good and then at the end his style came through loud and clear and I finally saw why he was in the competition. Randy said “that was hot” and Paula thought it was “superb.”
  3. Chris Daughtry – He took this opportunity and sung something quite a lot softer than most of his previous song choices. He sang “What a Wonderful World” and sounded really good. He showed he could do more than just rock. Randy said it was “da bomb.”
  4. Paris Bennett – She can sing anything and sound good. Tonight she channeled Billie Holiday and sang “Foolish Things.” Tonight the kid singing grown up tunes didn’t bother me as much. She may talk like “Minnie Mouse” but she sounds unbelievable in comparison to her regular voice when she sings.
  5. Elliott Yamin – Both Paula and Randy thought he chose the right song. Simon thought it lacked “enough personality” as compared to the rest of the performances on the night. He did sound very good singing “It Had to Be You.”
  6. Ace Young – The best thing of the night was how happy Ace was when Simon said, “it wasn’t bad” and called his performance “charming.” Randy thought he should have just sang the whole thing in falsetto. “False is your money,” he said. Who knows it might have been better that way. It wasn’t the worst of the night as I thought he was last week.
  7. Kellie Pickler – Wow, she really “butchered it” tonight. She got out of time with the music in the middle portion and never really got it back. She sang “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered” and boy was she. It was by far the worst performance of the night. This is her first really bad showing. Will it get her booted from the show? I am not so sure.

So who will end up in the bottom three? I think it will be Elliott, Ace and Kellie. Maybe the same thing as last week will happen and the person with the second worst performance will be sent home. In that case it would be Ace dealing with getting flushed. He has been down there a lot but so has Elliott. I think that Kellie’s past performances and personality may keep her in the competition at least another week. I sure hope so as I would rather watch her than Ace.

How about you, who do you think will be leaving American Idol Season 5 tonight? Who do you think will make up the bottom three? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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