Funny Lines from NCIS, Pepper Dennis and Gilmore Girls

There weren’t as many funny lines that stood out last week, as there was the previous week. So what lines were funny last week? Well, here are the lines that got the TVaholic to laugh a bit the week of April 16th, 2006. Read on and enjoy!

Funny TV Show Line of the Week

Show: NCIS (CBS)
Episode: Untouchable (Season 3)
The Setup: Ziva and Tony have gone to the house of a woman who didn’t show up for questioning. They arrive at her house bickering about what they are doing and what they would rather be doing. Nobody answers so they head around back. As they reach the back door a cat runs out the pet door and Tony reaches for his gun.
Ziva: (Laughs) Don’t tell me you’re afraid of a little pussy…cat, Tony?

Other Funny TV Show Lines

Show: Pepper Dennis (WB)
Episode: Frat Boys May Lose Their Manhood – Film at Eleven (Season 1)
The Setup: Pepper’s sister Cathy is the new receptionist at the news station. She has told a bunch of people who called in with stories that she would help them get on the air. They are standing around the lobby clogging things up.
Cathy: Mr. Bell, please! I promised these people we’d cover their stories.
Mr. Bell: Promises are like babies, little Dennis, easy to make, hard to deliver. Now get these lemons out of my lobby.

Show: Gilmore Girls (FOX)
Episode: I Get a Sidekick Out of You (Season 6)
The Setup: Paris was assigned to write a story on professor tenure. She started out writing that tenure was a good idea but then after thinking about it she thought it wasn’t a good idea. She wrote a story for and one against. She wants Rory to print both of them as a point-counterpoint. Rory tells her there is only room for one and she needs to choose. As Rory leaves she tells Jill to approve Paris’ story when she decides.
Paris: I can’t pick a side. Either way I look at it I’m right.

What were your favorite funny lines from TV last week?

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