Funny Lines from Two and a Half Men & House

There were only a couple of funny lines that stood out last week. So what lines were got us chuckling last week? Well, here are the lines that got the TVaholic to laugh a bit the week of April 23rd, 2006. Read on and enjoy!

Dialogue of the Week

Show: Two and a Half Men (CBS)
Episode: Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Burro (Season 3)
The Setup: Alan’s girlfriend Kandi has moved in with his ex-wife Judith. Charlie his brother is seeing Kandi’s mom. Kandi has introduced her father to Judith. Jake who is Alan and Judith’s son is on the phone with his dad.
Alan: (On the phone) So has your mom been seeing a lot of Kandi’s dad? (Pauses to listen) That, that, that’s right. If she married him, Kandi would be your stepsister. Hey, hey, hey do you happen to know if they’re going out tonight? (Pauses to listens) Yep, if I married Kandi she would be your stepmother. But, but, tonight is your mom going out tonight? (Pauses to listen) Yah, yah, I get it if Kandi took a poop it would be your stepstool…

Other Funny Stuff

Show: House (FOX)
Episode: House vs. God (Season 2)
The Setup: A young man who claims to be a “faith healer” has been brought to the hospital. He says that God talks to him. House doesn’t talk to his patients that often but goes to talk to this one.
Dr. Chase: You’re going to talk to a patient?
House: God talks to him. Be arrogant of me to assume I’m better than God.

What were your favorite funny lines from TV last week?

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