American Idol: Final 5 Sing Two on Season 5

Tonight the American Idol hopefuls sang two songs. The first was to be from the year of their birth and the second from any of the Billboard Top 10 charts for the week. No special guest this week to help them along.

The judges thought it a kind of peculiar night. I thought they were pretty good. Nobody really stood out as the worst of the night. This was a week where everybody should have done well as they were not really limited in what kind of songs they could choose.

It was kind of hard choosing who did the best overall. I first started by ranking the first performance, which had Chris, Taylor, Katharine, Elliott and then Paris. For the second song I thought the best was Katharine followed by Taylor, Chris, Elliott and then Paris. After averaging them together it left Chris, Katharine and Taylor tied followed by Elliott then Paris.

So how did the performances last night on American Idol rank:

  1. Chris Daughtry – Had the best performance of the night with his first song. Randy thought he was a “real hot one” while Paula thought it was outstanding. It was very good and stood out above the rest. With his second song he sounded pretty good until his voice almost gave out near the end.
  2. Katharine McPhee – Her second song was her best. Randy said it was “more like the Katharine we loved.” The singing while on her knees and barefoot added to the peculiarity of the night but she sounded great. Her first song started off slow and then sounded good in the middle but faded at the end.
  3. Taylor Hicks – Had the second best performance for each song individually but his second song, “Something” by the Beatles, was the third best performance overall for the night. Simon thought it “was good.” It lacked the flailing about of the first song but still sounded good.
  4. Elliott Yamin – For me he was just a little off tonight. While Randy thought his second song that he had made a “nice choice” and Paula thought he “can melt you.” Simon was “a little bit concerned.”
  5. Paris Bennett – For her first song she sang Prince’s “Kiss” and sounded pretty good as always. Yet I still can’t get away from this little girl singing grown up songs. It just really bugs me and does not allow me to enjoy her singing. For her second song she sang “Be Without You” and once again sounded good but there is a part of the song that goes something like “I’ll be waiting up until you get home, cuz I can’t sleep without you baby” and it just sounded wrong coming from such a young person. Should a 17 year old be singing these songs? People say you need to listen to Elliott with your eyes closed and then you can see him as the winner. I say you need to listen to Paris with your eyes closed while pretending the voice you hear is coming from a much older singer. What do you think about Paris’ song choices each week?

So who will end up at the bottom? I think it should be Elliott and Paris. With Paris leaving the competition. Yet anyone can be sent packing at anytime on American Idol.

How about you, who do you think will be leaving American Idol Season 5 tonight? Who do you think will at the bottom? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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