Review: Crossing Jordan – Fifth Season Finale

Show: Crossing Jordan (NBC)
Episode: Don’t Leave Me This Way – Fifth Season Finale
Originally Aired: Sunday, May 7th 2006
Rating: 3 out of 4 stars

Quick Synopsis: Jordan wakes up to find her ex dead beside her and she ends up on the run.

Long Synopsis: Jordan wakes up in bed after Lily’s rehearsal dinner after party with her ex J.D. lying dead next to her. She is covered in his blood and holding a gun but has no memory of what happened. She ends up being arrested by Det. Simmons and processed as much of the evidence points to her so far. Released on bail she starts to try and figure out what really happened with the help of Nigel, Bug, Lily and Woody. She finds the guy who slipped something in the drink she had and while trying to get him to talk he is shot twice from across the street and Jordan just gets away. When they find the body with her prints on him she ends up on the run. Heading off to D.C. to find more about what J.D. was working on and to try and clear her name.

Review: The show had everything you would expect from a Crossing Jordan episode. First off a mystery conspiracy that Jordan herself gets mixed up in. Next Jordan not listening to people, like the judge and her boss, and going about trying to find out what happened with the help of the morgue gang.

It also gave you a nice conclusion to the Bug and Lily romance they have been playing with for many seasons now. With Jordan being her made of honor and being accused of murder she is not so hot on the idea of still getting married that day. While helping Jordan she realizes that she doesn’t really want to marry the D.A. One of the best bits of the night is when she comes to the morgue at the end of the show to find Bug and asks “Why aren’t you at my wedding?” To which he responds, “I couldn’t stand to watch you marry him. Wait! Why aren’t you at your wedding?” To which Lily tells Bug, “He wasn’t you.” A nice and very sweet ending to the show to give the viewer something while leaving you hanging all summer with what will happen to Jordan now a fugitive.

The ending with the shot of the Capitol as she threw her phone away after buying the gun was very good. Leaving you to wonder what she will do next. Can’t wait till next season to see how they get her out of all this. Since NBC has already announced that Crossing Jordan will be returning for a sixth season we will.

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