New TV Show DVDs: Scrubs, Golden Girls, Life Goes On & More

So what new TV Show DVDs came out today? Well, the third season of Scrubs gives you something to daydream about. The Golden Girls give you something to watch over cheesecake late at night. Not to mention that The Facts of Life are the Life Goes On even if you need to see Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist. What new TV Show DVDs released today do you find of interest? Check out this week’s Prime Pick for your viewing pleasure.

Prime TV Show DVD Pick

Scrubs - The Complete Third SeasonScrubs – The Complete Third Season
This is one of my favorite comedies on TV and one that will definitely be making it into my slow growing TV Show DVD collection. While each episode is a mini morality play where a lesson is learned there is still a lot of laughs along the journey. Guest stars during this season include Michael J. Fox as well as other Spin City alumni Barry Bostwick and Richard Kind. Others include Tara Reid, Scott Foley and Tom Cavanaugh. The daydreams, the 80s and 90s pop culture references; flashbacks and crazy patients leave you feeling good after each viewing. The DVD set includes all 22 episodes on three discs. Special features include episode commentaries, a one-on-one with “The Todd,” deleted scenes and alternate lines. There is enough extra material to keep you in stitches, which is just what the doctor ordered.

Other TV Show DVD Options

The Andy Griffith Show – The Complete Sixth Season
Baby Felix, Vol. 1: His Magic Bag of Tricks
The Best of Boris and Natasha, Vol. 1
The Best of Rocky and Bullwinkle, Vol. 1
Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist – Season 1
Everybody Loves Raymond – The Complete Sixth Season
The Facts of Life – The Complete First & Second Seasons
The Golden Girls – The Complete Fifth Season
Life Goes On – The Complete First Season
Northern Exposure: The Complete First and Second Seasons
Sgt. Bilko – 50th Anniversary Edition (The Phil Silvers Show)
Rescue Me – The Complete Second Season
Search for Adam and Eve
That ’70s Show – Season 4
Trailer Park Boys – The Complete Fifth Season – Deluxe 2 Disc Set
The West Wing – The Complete Sixth Season

What will you be adding to your new TV show DVD collection?

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